Free Cart Plans :: How to wooden toys plans pdf a simple Wooden Cart with a Steering Wheel Background to the Wooden Cart Plans While there are already plans on kartbuilding. This cart is designed as a “push” cart and best suited for grassy areas. The four wheels are plastic and can be obtained from an old lawnmower or bought off the shelf.

The steering wheel in this cart comes as a welcome addition, although it requires a bit of extra work in setting up. The brake is an extra addition also, and was not included in the original set of cart plans. This cart should be easy to build, take approximately a weekend to make, and be fun for children to drive. All parts used on this cart are commonly available. Make sure the plywood is of good quality, and not splitting or coming apart.

A trip to a local hardware store will be required to get all the parts required. It would be very difficult to make this cart from off-cuts. 2 sheet of plywood is required. Nails and glue is used throughout, however you can use screws if you like. With modern day battery operated cordless drills, putting the parts together would be quicker than nailing.

Glue is used throughout to make for a permanent connection. U-Bolts are used to connect the axles to the chassis. The local hardware store should be able to provide the solid round steel bar for the Axles, Steering Arm and Track Rods. If you ask nicely, they may be able to cut the lengths required for you, saving you from having to buy a full length.

This drawing shows that all the plywood parts can indeed be cut from half a standard sheet. Care must be taken to reduce waste as much as possible. When the half sheet is purchased, draw out in pencil all the required pieces. If available, an electric jigsaw will make cutting out the pieces very quick and easy. However, with a little patience and care it would be more than possible to use a hand-saw to cut out all the pieces required.

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