Please forward this error screen to sharedip-1071800229. How do we wiley cpa exam review pdf 2016 the best CPA review courses? The fact is, there is no absolute best.

Start narrowing down the choice based on your background, budget and learning style. Then, sign up for the free trials. I am going to show you how. Included for free in Roger’s elite course.

Please check the respective review course providers for details. Practice questions are tough and great for those who want a higher comfortable level to pass the exam. Good supplementary to other lecture-heavy courses. Easy three-step study approach that teaches you how to effectively study. Videos are now included in the course and feature experienced, university level professors going over difficult CPA Exam topics and multiple-choice questions.

Personal Counselor is a great help. If you sign up for the Gleim CPA Review System, a personal counselor will be assign to take care of your needs in your CPA journey. These counselors are accounting gurus but they coordinate with the in-house experts to get you the answer, help tailor-made your study plans and cheer you up. In this evaluation we focus on the Wiley CPA test bank — the latest version in 2017. Many readers asked about test prep comparison, especially Becker vs Wiley.

It’s hard to pick because it depends on one’s budget, background and learning style. But then, if I have to compare, Becker test prep software tends to reinforce key concepts covered in their own lecture notes, while Wiley offers more variety with more obscure questions. In fact, Becker students who really want to pass the exam on their first try often get the Wiley CPA test bank as supplement. Few people do it the other way around, because getting Becker as supplement would be too expensive. The application looks very much like the one you will see in the real exam. Other providers have software that look pretty much like the real thing too, but you save money by getting the most affordable one from Wiley. This is much better than the old CD-ROM format with the delivery time and installation.

For every study session, the application lets you pick everything from the subtopics to the number of multiple-choice and simulation questions. The questions are automatically updated on a regular basis. We no longer need to wait for the new version to come out, because the online version is constantly kept up to date. The latest version comes with a lot more features such as view by subjects, by raw score or by percentages, and a number of customization features.

A number of other providers have some sort of money-back guarantees. While this is a limitation, most people don’t seem to mind given it is an affordable investment compared to others. If you are trying to copy the questions onscreen and paste in a Word document, it cannot be done. This creates some inconvenience if you want to show a particular question to a professor or if you want to keep the question for later reference.

Previous versions allow users to download the test bank to their computers. The latest version no longer allows us. If you do not have a stable internet connection, you may want to get the CD-ROM version instead. You can get the Test Bank at the official Wiley website, but if you buy it here you can get a good discount.

No physical product will be shipped. To get the Wiley CPA exam review books please click here. 2017 version but image is showing 2016. Which version will I be getting? You will always get the latest version. Specifically, you will be given access to whatever Wiley is offering at this time, which of course will be their latest version. It’s 2017 because the 2016 testing window has ended.

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