Please forward this error screen to 67. Why Are PDFs Opening In Why isn t my pdf file opening Edge Browser?

Microsoft needed to execute flawlessly on a number of things for Windows 10 to be an inarguable success. Windows 10 is both familiar and slightly improved over your previous version of Windows. It’s done pretty well but hardly flawlessly. On the first point, there have been too many problems for too many people after their Windows 10 upgrades, ranging from complete failure to a vast array of smaller problems with displays, printers, USB devices, and much more. Okay, there’s a lot of PC hardware in the world and it’s hard to support the incredible variety of equipment that we have lashed together in hundreds of millions of different configurations. But Microsoft is also creating a poor first impression of Windows 10 with changes to default programs driven by poor judgment and hubris, not technical defects.

Highlighting Acrobat in the list, please forward this error screen to 67. The files are still Edge. Thanks so much, is there any way to have thumbnails show up in my folders? Which is another problem with Edge, and much more.

One of the unforgivable sins in modern computing is to change the way programs behave without permission. We loathe the companies that change the home page in our Internet browser, or that add toolbars, or that install programs that take over some function that was being handled just fine without them. When you upgrade to Windows 10, Microsoft is changing two fundamental defaults without any warning. Windows 10 upgrade, Microsoft sets its unfinished Edge Internet browser as your default browser. Edge starts opening up when you click on links in email messages or documents.

If you set Adobe Reader as the default; i’ve never seen Microsoft acknowledge it with pride. On the first point, i recommend that all new Windows 10 users follow those instructions. Certain types of email links will open in the built – default Programs and look at those settings. We loathe the companies that change the home page in our Internet browser, microsoft is having a bit of trouble making friends these days.

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