Please forward this error who pushed humpty dumpty pdf to 209. One act and ten minute comedy plays for schools, colleges, community theatres and play competitions. Our modern and contemporary play scripts will immediately download to your computer or device in pdf format upon completion of payment. No waiting days or weeks to receive your script.

These comedies have been presented in over 600 venues in 22 countries. Please purchase play script before requesting license. A slovenly and indecisive Hamlet, a marriage bent Ophelia, an oversexed Gertrude, a power hungry Claudius and a revenge seeking Ghost let their hair down to Ruby, Elsinore’s hairdresser with attitude in this award winning one act play for three women and three men. Winner of the All-Ireland One Act Play Competition. Roles for three women and three men. Two characters trapped in a one act play find it difficult to sort out their relationship when their lines keep getting re-written in this popular two person one act. Roles for one male and one female.

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Kate and, finally, just the severed head of Anne Boleyn. This short play features roles for five women. The most elemental parts of the human brain come to life and into conflict confounding a young man’s search for the girl of his dreams or, at least, the one woman in the world who won’t rip his throat out, in this modern one act comedy. Roles for six women and five men. A bittersweet romantic comedy that moves back and forth in time as a couple accidentally reconnect ten years after sharing a passionate but shortlived relationship in this one act play for two men and two women.

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