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The Art of Conversation includes sections on the myths and the signs of suicide, spotting the signs and helping, and advice on starting difficult conversations. It aims to help the reader to be a good listener, details training courses and includes other available resources that are in place across Scotland and the rest of the UK. You can change your cookie settings at any time. Otherwise, we’ll assume you’re OK to continue. Japanese light novel series written by Takahiro Yamato and illustrated by Hanamaru Nanto.

After the death of the author on July 20, 2009, the story remains incomplete at twelve volumes. Kazuma Kannagi was the eldest son of the Kannagi family and presumed heir. The 16-year-old Kazuma was soundly defeated by 12-year-old Ayano Kannagi, his second cousin, and his father banished him from the family. Soon after his return, several Kannagi family members are killed by someone using Fūjutsu and Kazuma is presumed to have committed the murders in revenge for his banishment.

Though innocent of the murders, he is confronted by various members of his former family who wish to fight him. However, the only person that Kazuma wants to fight is his father, the strongest Enjutsu user and whom he later defeats in a duel. Due to this, Kazuma is able to draw upon the wind spirits around him, which amplifies his inherent powers, and allows him to heal his wounds. When using this power, his eyes turn azure blue. However, this ability puts a strain on his body, as it is his stamina and will that limits the amount of power available to him. After the duel Kazuma returns to his hotel and finds that his younger brother, Ren Kannagi, an extremely powerful Enjutsu user in his own right, has been eagerly waiting to see his adored elder brother again.

Their reunion is interrupted by the Fūjutsu user who killed the other Kannagi and who kidnaps Ren. Kazuma returns to his former home to consult with the head of the Kannagi. Ayano intrudes into their meeting and, believing Kazuma to be guilty of the murders, attacks him on sight. Further story arcs revolve around Kazuma, Ayano and Ren and the growing relationship between them. The main protagonist of the series and is a high school student of Seiryō Academy.

She is arrogant and impetuous, usually taking action without thinking things through and even defying her father’s orders. Although usually undisciplined, she believes deeply in her heritage, and more than once has served as the voice of reason and drawn Kazuma into action or back to sanity. Though cocky and thoughtless on the surface, she is self-conscious and sometimes unsure of herself. She also wields Enraiha, the Kannagi’s sacred sword, which she earned by defeating Kazuma at the successor ceremony four years before the start of the story.

The sword has fire properties and Ayano can summon it at any time. During combat, Ayano tends to fight recklessly and her anger and pride usually get the better of her. However, her power has helped her get Kazuma out of trouble many times. The title character of the series. Born Kazuma Kannagi, he is a former member of the Kannagi household and was born without the ability to use Enjutsu.

As a result he was bullied by the other clan members. Despite his inability to wield fire, his father insisted that he contend for the position of clan heir, and he was easily defeated in the ceremony to wield “Enraiha”, his family’s sacred sword, by his second cousin, Ayano. Due to his failure, his father banishes Kazuma. Kazuma’s powers are extensive and he is by far the most powerful character in the series. In addition to being able to fly, even while supporting three other people, Kazuma can also launch blasts of wind that act as blades and manipulate the wind spirits to create a barrier that protects his body from physical harm or bends light around him as camouflage. In the anime, he is shown to have the ability to manipulate electricity as well.

Kazuma’s younger brother and the secondary protagonist of the series. He looks up to Ayano, whom he considers to be a big sister, and practically worships Kazuma, stating that one day he hopes to be as strong as him. Ren has the appearance of a bishōnen, which sometimes earns him the contempt of some of his male classmates. Even so, Ren appears to be very popular at his school, excelling in his studies and athletics. Though he is responsible for banishing Kazuma from the Kannagi family, he only wanted his son to find his own path in life.

He is the current head of the Kannagi family. Jūgo worries about his headstrong daughter. As the head of the Kannagi family, Jūgo is responsible for directing the other members of the head family and branch families as well as the Fūga Clan. Contrary to the typical Kannagi doctrine that places merit solely on strength in using fire, Jūgo has been trying to stop discrimination against not only the Fūga Clan but the users of other jutsus as well. During her father’s absence due to ‘illness’, she becomes the head of the Tsuwabuki family. When she was born, Zenon, the behemoth of Mt. Fuji, was able to cut off her powers as a Chijutsushi but gave her alternate gravity-controlling powers instead.

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