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For more information about the W3C website, see the Webmaster FAQ. Easily clip, save and share what you find with family and friends. Easily download and save what you find. The Prayer Book of 1559 was the third revision for the Anglican Church, and was brought about by the accession to the throne of Elizabeth I and the restoration of the Anglican Church after the six-year rule of the Catholic Queen Mary. It was in use much longer than either of its predecessors – nearly 100 years, until the Long Parliament of 1645 outlawed it as part of the Puritan Revolution. It served not only the England of Elizabeth I, but her Stuart successors as well.

Queen Elizabeth’s coronation portrait, in 1559. Cross in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, commemorating the first BCP service in the U. This Book was a conservative revision of the 1552 edition, with the effect of making it somewhat less “Protestant”. It put to a halt the movement in the previous two Prayer Books towards a more Protestant church.

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Adding a rubric to Morning Prayer prescribing the use of traditional vestments. Some minor changes were also made in 1604 on the accession of James I. The most important of these was to lengthen the Catechism by adding sections on the Sacraments. These changes may be seen by comparing this text with that of the 1552 Book. Psalter for this and for all Prayer Books down through the US 1928 BCP. The Coverdale translation of the Psalms, not strictly part of this BCP, but very important to it, is online, in PDF format.

The Communion Service is also available online in modern spelling. Benton Collection at the Boston Public Library, via the Internet Archive. Benton Collection at the BPL, through the Internet Archive. A reprint of the 1559 BCP is also available online as part of Liturgies and occasional forms of prayer set forth in the reign of Queen Elizabeth, William Keatinge Clay, ed. The 1604 edition is also available from the Internet Archive. We also have online a Latin translation of the 1559 BCP, first published in 1560 and the first Welsh translation, from 1567.

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