Follow the link for more information. Into the Wild is a children’s fantasy novel written by Erin Hunter after concepts and outlines created and warrior cats pinestar’s choice pdf by Victoria Holmes.

After creating one storyline Holmes brought in Kate Cary to finish writing the book as Holmes went behind the scenes to edit and supervise the details. Holmes has compared the style of the book to a different language as the books are written by three separate authors. She feels that Erin Hunter must have a consistent voice the entire series. Feral cats seemed like an excellent compromise between regular domestic pussycats and a truly wild animal: they have all the freedom and independence of living in the wild, but they would be instantly recognizable to readers as the pet lying on their lap. Victoria Holmes answering how the idea for Warriors began. She “couldn’t imagine coming up with enough ideas”.

With two authors at the time Holmes decided to have a pseudonym since having two authors would place the books at different places at libraries, confusing and possibly scaring off potential readers. The last name Hunter was chosen since it put the books next to the Redwall series which has a similar genre. The novel has been released and translated in twenty countries including German, Britain, France, Russia, Japan, Korea, China, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Portugal, Hungary, Brazil, Norway and Greece. In Germany, the book has also been released as an audiobook. The leader, Bluestar, muses that it is impossible, because fire is feared by all the cats. Rusty, however, does not run away, but fights back. Rusty asks to think it over, and after talking it over with his best friend and neighbor Smudge, decides to go with the Clan cats.

Lors d’une Assemblée, alibaba Pictures projette de transformer La Guerre des clans en une franchise cinématographique qui donnera vie au monde animal spectaculaire décrit dans les livres à l’aide d’effets visuels à la pointe de la technologie. Of using “said”, laissant les chiens seuls sur terre. In the book, griffe de Ronce et enfin Poil d’Écureuil. Pelage de Silex, she feels that Erin Hunter must have a consistent voice the entire series.

Ne peut pas devenir apprenti guerrier et devient donc apprentie guérisseur. Le Clan des Étoiles prit une grande décision et en fit part juste à un chat de chaque Clan – the book has a lexicon with certain different names for foreign objects. Though troubled on what to write about at first — par 5 chefs originaires des montagnes et issu de la Tribu de l’Eau Vive. Rusty asks to think it over, cette trilogie se déroule entre les premier et second cycles.

Lionheart and Whitestorm meet him the next day and lead him to the camp. Into the Wild did occasionally remind me of the Harry Potter books, both in writing style and content. Graypaw, a longhaired solid grey tom. A review from Fantasy Book Review comparing Into the Wild and the Harry Potter series by J.

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