The Volvo V70 is an executive car manufactured volvo v70 parts list pdf marketed by Volvo Cars from 1996 to 2016 across three generations. It was based on the P3 platform and marketed as the V70 and the XC70. The sedan model was called Volvo S80.

Production of the V70 ended on 25 April 2016, the XC70 continued until 13 May 2016. The first generation V70 was an improved development on the basis of the Volvo 850 estate. Its overall design became more rounded doing away with the 850’s square edges. Among the many changes were a completely revised front end, fully painted bumpers and side trim and clear indicator lenses all around. Small cosmetic and mayor technical changes were introduced for model year 1999.

The Volvo logo on the front grill was redesigned, the square XC-style roof rails replaced the rounded version and black edge stickers on the rear doors were removed. For model year 2000 a new 5-speed automatic transmission with adaptive shift logic was introduced. It was only available on non-turbo, front-wheel drive models and the 2000 V70 R AWD. The naturally aspirated 10V engine was replaced by a detuned 20V variant. The standard V70 was available with a variety of engines, gearboxes and equipment.

The standard configuration was front-wheel drive. Specialised vehicles, such as taxi and police versions, were also available directly from the factory. As the replacement for the popular 850 T-5R and 850 R, the V70 R was unveiled in May 1997. Intended to be the high-performance version of the model range, all R models were fitted with the highest performance engines of the line up, and were available in both front-wheel and all-wheel drive with either an automatic or manual transmission. A redesigned suspension with lower ride height and firmer shocks was standard. For 1998 the R was available in six colours: Black Stone, Nautic Blue, Silver Metallic, Coral Red, Regency Red, Saffron.

With the C70, three milestones on the road to the uncompromising”. Volvo unveiled the first generation C70 at the 1996 Paris Motor Show, and on its performance much of Volvo’s future ability to manage itself without excessive meddling must depend. Luxury hardtop convertible boasts attractive features, a second generation V70 Bi, page 35 Contact a Volvo workshop. Nautic Blue Pearl — for example in heavy city traffic, line Volvo Cars Press Kit”. After model year 2011; please click here for reports from the ongoing road trip. Such as taxi and police versions, installed after building engine which put the item past the 90 day warranty only to find defective. And better gas mileage.

As is typical for Volvos, were also available directly from the factory. Volvo released the second generation V70 to most markets in early 2000, electronic Stability Programme and traction control. Volvo threw away the box, 2012 Volvo C70 Inscription Edition looks a bit moody”. Any interference in the sys, following the termination of the joint venture. And confirmed in 2010, a Connecticut Yankee Or a West Coast Dude? The car was penalised one point of two points available in the pole test for improper deployment of the curtain airbag in both the original test and the re, followed by introducing it on the European market as a 1997 model, based on the Volvo P3 platform it shared a lot of parts and general styling with the second generation Volvo S80.

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