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We look forward to discussing your specific needs and recommending the most effective ways to cost effectively connect with your customers. Often, they have measured acceleration, but are interested in displacement or vice versa. Equally, velocity is often used to find acceleration. This article will attempt to outline the nature of the conversion between these units and will suggest the preferred method for doing so. We will deliberately avoid some of the more complex mathematics.

For the mathematically minded there are already other excellent articles on this blog that describe the mathematics involved. This article will also suggest the best method for such a conversion. Before discussing these conversions we should consider what these measurements are. Displacement is the measurement of a distance travelled. If an object has moved 10 meters then it has been displaced by 10 meters or 10 m.

Velocity, often incorrectly called speed, is the measurement of a certain displacement in a certain time in a specific direction. Velocity can be both negative and positive as it is a vector. The magnitude of a velocity is the speed, this can only be positive. Acceleration is the rate of change of velocity, it is also a vector as it implies a direction. If we had a stationary object, it would have no acceleration. The rate of change of its velocity is zero.

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