Type or paste a DOI name into the text box. Stocks — Part XXX: jlcollinsnh vs. You don’t have to read very far around here before realizing I am a huge proponent of investing with Vanguard. They are the only investment firm I recommend and, vanguard risk tolerance pdf than our bank account for paying routine bills, all of our investments are with them.

You also don’t have to read very far to know I suggest that all any of us really need are two of Vanguard’s funds: VTSAX for our stocks and VBTLX for our bonds. While many financial writers agree with the former, to my knowledge I am the only one to have the temerity to suggest the latter. Recently a friend, having read my book, decided to move her assets to Vanguard. Since she had enough to qualify for a free consultation with an advisor there, she decided to listen to what he had to say and the investments he suggested. Disappointingly, he wasn’t forthcoming in explaining his thinking behind the recommendations.

She was curious as to my thoughts and any insights I might care to offer. VTIAX — International Stocks — . VTABX — International Bonds — . The first two are our old friends and in my view are all anyone really needs. What’s with the disconnect and, more importantly, who’s off track here?

Let’s take a closer look and see what we can tease out. I would recommend to this particular friend given what I know of her circumstances. I’ll let one of my astute readers do the precise math, at a glance we can see this more than doubles the portfolio’s costs. The bulk of this extra cost goes to providing exposure to international stocks and bonds.

If you believe as a US-based investor in adding international, this makes sense. It is likely what I’d do. If I felt the need for international exposure. I’m on record as suggesting you don’t need international at all for these reasons. Let me be the first to tell you, this position makes me a major outlier. The vast majority of investment writers pound the table for international. But I’ve yet to see a persuasive case.

You are welcome to read my post in the link above and the writings of others and decide for yourself. I believe the trust’s long-term results from this policy will be superior to those attained by most investors — whether pension funds, institutions or individuals — who employ high-fee managers. Jack, Warren and I say jlcollinsnh. But in that so many out there feel this need for international, I’m willing to call it a Draw. But what’s up with those wacky US stock fund suggestions? Although I will say, if you are going to add international, his are the same choices I would suggest. But what really baffles me are the three US stock funds he suggested.

VTSAX, the fund I recommend, holds virtually every publicly traded company in the US — 3,635 as of this writing. With VTSAX we get those 500 big guys plus the remaining 3,135 smaller companies we hope might grow into tomorrow’s big guys. MORE small and mid cap exposure with Vanguard’s VEXAX Total Extended Market Index Fund US Mid-Small Cap Stocks. US-based stocks spread across three funds. Our Vanguard rep managed to duplicate VTSAX by adding the complexity and expense of two additional funds.

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