This brave new world pdf forward this error screen to 66. The trained imagination of the theatre can be used for serving humanity in more ways than entertaining. Who We Are American Theatre Wing invests in brave work, supports creative growth, and celebrates excellence to bring diverse stories to our national culture through theatre.

We connect broad audiences to theatre by capturing insight into important work. We honor theatre that impacts the American experience. We provide grants and scholarships, connect talent at all stages with educational and professional opportunities, and create content that illuminates and preserves theatre. We award excellence and foster artistry by providing a platform for strong and fearless voices in the American theatre. Our Values Champion Creative Expression We recognize that pursuing a successful career in the performing arts is not easy. We shape challenges into opportunities, championing theatre creatives throughout the industry. We are an institutional voice advocating for artists fated to use theatre as a mode for self-expression.

Support Growth We provide lifelong mentorship to stimulate growth in the performing arts at every stage. Our comprehensive theatre network provides resources and support throughout a life cycle—we are a conduit for activating creative potential. Realize Brave Vision Brave work is born out of stories that must be told. We help realize courageous creative vision to bring important artistic work to our world, using theatre as a tool for cultural progression. Make Excellence Known We make theatre an essential part of the zeitgeist by demanding attention for excellent work.

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We safeguard the performing arts as an immediate cultural necessity, and ensure that great work’s legacy endures. Validate Diversity Founded by seven suffragettes, advancing diversity is part of our DNA. By realizing and celebrating brave vision we validate stories that are as diverse as the American people. We are steadfast in our commitment to diversity as a means to advance the richness of American theatre in any cultural climate.

Create Connections For creatives, we create an inclusive community that bridges the gap between novice and master to build organic personal connections. These relationships ensure that young talent is heard, guided, and given an opening for success, privileging them to reciprocate this mentorship for the next generation. Inspire Artistic Greatness We pull back the curtain on our industry to educate our audience about how theatre comes to life, illuminating compelling stories in the performing arts. We inspire artistic greatness on a micro and macro level, from showcasing industry technique to sharing motivational stories about overcoming adversity through artistic production. Theatre Needs You Foster the progressive, pluralistic nature of artistic expression in American theatre. Invest in young people’s access to theatre education to foster an industry of artists as diverse as the American people. Sid Meier’s Civilization V: Brave New World is the second official expansion pack for the turn-based strategy video game Civilization V.

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