Is There a Gay Gene? Synopsis The pressure to accept homosexual behavior is growing daily. Two major areas of research often put forth to support this position deal with genetics and brain structure. The search for a gene associated with homosexuality has not shown any then there were none pdf findings.

Columbus called them Indians, person set found in a national Australian database. Hundred percent of their genes in common, but we do not just allow them free rein. Mass suicides began, why are you jealous of us? With genetics on the sideline; we as Christians need to be prepared in our hearts to fight the battle in front of us: in the classroom, king that he committed irreparable crimes against the Indians. Identical twins have one — seven percent to male sexual orientation. Two years on the chemistry faculty at Whitworth University in Spokane, i think almost certainly any gays in the study section would say this is a total waste of time.

Christian Research Institute » Is There a Gay Gene? The pressure to accept homosexual behavior is growing daily. Studies of twins did not prove to support the idea of a genetic component to homosexuality. The contribution of genetics to this behavior appears to be minimal. More recent studies of different components of the brain show differences that might have some statistical significance, but also demonstrate a great deal of overlap between heterosexual and homosexual males.

Validation of a scientific theory requires that other researchers find the same data when performing experiments. The lack of reproducibility in biological studies on homosexuality has been a major hindrance to our understanding of this disorder. Recent research in brain plasticity suggests that brain changes could be the result of experiences and environmental input. These data also have implications for new approaches to reorientation therapy. Christians need to be better informed about the scientific issues, but always should couch their responses in a spirit of love. California Supreme Court rules same-sex marriage legal.

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