Based on the 1993 best selling debut novel of the same name by American author Jeffrey Eugenides, the film tells of the lives of five teenage sisters in a middle-class suburb near the outskirts of Detroit during the virgin suicides jeffrey eugenides pdf 1970s. Shot in 1998 in Toronto, the film was director Sofia Coppola’s debut feature. It features an original score by the French electronic band Air.

In the suburbs of Grosse Pointe, Michigan, during the mid-1970s, a group of neighborhood boys—now grown men—reflect upon their memories of the five Lisbon sisters, ages 13 to 17. During the summer, the youngest sister, Cecilia, slits her wrist in a bathtub, but survives. After her parents allow her sisters to throw a chaperoned basement party intended to make her feel better, she excuses herself and jumps out of her second story bedroom window, dying when she is impaled on an iron fence below. In the wake of her act, the Lisbon parents watch over their four remaining daughters even more closely. At the beginning of the new school year in the fall, Lux forms a secret and short-lived romance with Trip Fontaine, the school heartthrob. Trip comes over one night to the Lisbon residence in hopes of getting closer to Lux and watches television with the family. Lisbon to allow him to take Lux to the upcoming Homecoming Dance by promising to provide dates for the other sisters.

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