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In addition to legislation and regulation, tobacco control strategies have also included litigation. Evidence of the tobacco industry’s long history of deception and suppression of information about the health hazards of its products has led to several waves of civil and class action lawsuits. The legal decision in United States v. Public Health Law Center, supports tobacco control policy change and the tobacco control movement throughout the United States. The Consortium develops resources on the most effective legal and policy measures that health leaders and policymakers can use to control the epidemic of tobacco use in the United States and abroad.

On May 5, 2016, the FDA issued the final rule deeming all existing and future tobacco products to be subject to the agency’s jurisdiction. This fact sheet will identify the gaps left by the deeming regulation that can be filled at the state and local levels. Basic information for state and local policymakers, advocates, and others on policy implications related to raising the minimum legal sale age for persons to whom tobacco products may be sold. Brief overview of recent lawsuits filed challenging the FDA’s deeming rule as of March 22, 2018. Prepared by the Tobacco Control Legal Consortium, a program of the Public Health Law Center, and the Public Health and Tobacco Policy Center at Northeastern University. Overview of FDA’s new plan to regulate tobacco products, including best possible outcomes and potential areas of concern. A practical guide for communities and policymakers interested in drafting and implementing policies that regulate flavored tobacco products.

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