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UK Statutory Instruments Applicable to Bermuda as a BOT. Update after General Election 2017 2017. The Progressive Labour Party defeated the One Bermuda Alliance by 24-12 seats and will form the new Government. 24 Members of Parliament and their PLP email addresses. It formed the Bermuda Government from 1998 to December 17, 2012 and currently, from July 19,2017.

12 Members of Parliament and their OBA email addresses. The ruling Government party from December 18, 2012 to July 18, 2017. David Burt, JP,  MP, 38 years old in 2017. Premier’s Cabinet Member of Parliament appointments: 2018.

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Michael Weeks has been appointed as the new Minister of Social Development and Sport. Dennis Lister Jr, the longest-serving Progressive Labour Party MP, has been chosen as the new Speaker of the House after a meeting last week of the PLP caucus. The PLP Parliamentary Group also endorsed the second longest-serving PLP Member of Parliament, Derrick Burgess, to serve as Deputy Speaker. David Burt, JP, MP: Premier and Minister of Finance. He attended Saltus Academy but left at a young age to seek a fresh challenge, heading to Florida Air Academy and qualifying as a pilot.

Walter Roban, JP, MP: Deputy Leader and Minister of Transport and Regulatory Affairs. Mr Roban has previously held the portfolios of transport, environment, planning and infrastructure strategy and also health during his political career. Junior Minister of Labour, Home Affairs and Housing from February 2008, and was appointed to Cabinet in June 2009 as the Minister Without Portfolio. Kathy Simmons, JP: Attorney-general and Minister of Legal Affairs.

The mother of three is the chairwoman of the Co-parenting Mediation Council and is undergoing domestic abuse and sexual assault training at the Centre Against Abuse. Walton Brown, JP, MP: Minister of Home Affairs. Brown assumes his first ministerial post in the Progressive Labour Party as Minister of Home Affairs. A respected political lecturer and author, he has previously served in the Senate for the PLP and took his place in the House of Assembly for the first time in 2012 when he won the Pembroke Central seat. Kim Wilson, JP, MP: Minister of Health.

Lawyer, she has previously served in the Senate and was appointed the Attorney-General and Minister of Justice under the Progressive Labour Party in December 2007. In 2010 she took on the role of minister of the newly created Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, before reassuming the position of Attorney-General a year later. David Burch, JP, MP: Minister of Public Works. He returns to the Cabinet six years after he last held a ministerial post.

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