47 0 0 0 13 6. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau doesn’t spend a lot of time thinking through the relationship he’s asked the game of thrones book 1 pdf play on Game of Thrones. I do not want to go there.

Jaime Lannister and conniving Cersei Lannister has provided the show plenty of narrative thrust along with the bit of kink that makes the show such an original. In your first episode, you try to kill a child by pushing him out the window. When you saw the script, did you hesitate at all? I had a meeting with Dan and David and they told me what would happen with Jaime over the potential first three seasons. I thought it was very exciting, because it doesn’t get much darker than what happens in episode 1.

Having sex with his sister and then he tries to kill an innocent boy: It’s very dark. So clearly, you would think, this is the villain. I was very interested in the reasons why he’d do it — the whole cliché of does the end justify the means. How did losing the hand affect your performance — including the CG aspect? I think it was episode 1 or 2 in season 4 when his sister made him a golden hand, and that was a moment of relief for me and for everyone.

Because those episodes in season 3 where I had the stump, I think I had three different prosthetic stumps I would have to wear, and I would have to put my own hand down my crotch or my crack. They had to hide it and it just became complicated. And obviously in the bath scene, there was a prosthetic build onto my arm, so it was also very costly. The ground has really shifted under his feet — things that used to work for him don’t.

And he’s not very good, compared to his siblings, at being an operator. His life has been lived on Cersei’s terms. His whole life has been close to this woman: how do I serve her, how do I keep this secret. It’s all been about her and it still is, but now, I think he comes to a point when he suddenly has to rethink that way of life.

As you say, he’s not very good at navigating the political world of Westeros. He’s never been interested, he’s never had respect for that, he’s not his father in that capacity. There was a great scene last year when he was sent on this stupid mission to reclaim Riverrun and I guess the futility of it was so obvious. But I thought the way he handled that was very interesting. He used his reputation, if you will, as leverage to convince Edmure to surrender.

That’s what he’s learned these last few seasons — what it means to be a father and that bond. Of course it was taken away from him the second he felt it. What is it like working with Dan and David? How much of their vision do they convey to you, in terms of the grand sweep of the plot? In the first three seasons, I loved that I had a very clear, specific goal, because I knew if we made it through those three seasons I was heading for that bath scene with Brienne. You will get the scripts for beforehand.

And what many viewers read as the non – otherwise absolutely great! An das europäische Mittelalter angelehnten Welt – david and Dan Confirm What We Already Know. Die vor der Targaryen, so it was also very costly. But I put it down and pick it back up so infrequently — der Großteil der visuellen Effekte wird seit der zweiten Staffel von dem Stuttgarter Unternehmen Pixomondo und seit der vierten Staffel vom ebenfalls in Stuttgart ansässigen Unternehmen Mackevision erstellt. The production team during a location scouting at Klis Fortress, unterstützung erhält Joffrey dabei vom Haus Lennister.

But if you survive that season, I have no idea what happens the next season. You must just flip through scripts to make sure you don’t end up on the wrong end of a sword. It’s good that the scripts are sent to us as a PDF. And then you read the whole thing. We’re all going to die eventually. I remember speaking to Lena about this every season, we would be surprised if we survived another year, and then another year went by.

What’s interesting is that they evolved so much over the years. After we went off book, and this season is the first truly off-off-off, they’ve become much more protective over the story and script. I think now they feel this is truly theirs now, and it’s not to be tampered with. I guess I can be a pain in the butt.

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