The first time I saw a Bobby Hemmitt lecture tape he pretty much blew me away. He goes really heavy the five percenters pdf various topics in occult science, metaphysics, chaos magick, and mysticism.

I wasn’t blown away so much by the topics he was discussing as I was by his witty, raw, and real delivery. Bobby Hemmitt always lets people know up front not to just take his word on matters. I see teachers like Bobby Hemmitt as figures like Morpheus from the movie The Matrix. If you aren’t ready to have your preconceptions of what is good, evil, etc. Hemmitt and remain in Wonderland, however if you are bold enough to let go of what you thought you knew then listen to him and he will attempt to show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. No stones are left unturned when Hemmitt lectures.

Concepts of religion, spirituality, life, death, even reality itself are all turned upside down and dissected. If you have the guts to listen though you may actually find out the origin is nothing like what you may have thought it to be. Brother Bobby Hemmitt is a no-holds-barred, spiritual and down to earth speaker. He deciphers the mysteries that have been locked into the “mystery system” and brings the universe back to “BLACK” life. Many of Bobby Hemmitt’s lectures range from 2 to 10 hours. Pretty much any Bobby Hemmitt lecture will blow you away with powerful information. Bobby Hemmitt has put two decades of research into the esoteric tradition.

Phil Valentine have been teaching and lecturing on metaphysics since the 90s. Nowadays Bobby Hemmitt is world renowned for his work in the occult. Bobby Hemmitt is a scholar of esoteric knowledge. Do not make the mistake of underestimating Hemmitt because he uses slang and assume that he is just talking junk. Bobby Hemmitt is well educated and he knows his stuff.

His philosophy is founded in knowing that all the things considered pagan, occult, and mysterious are the ancient primordial knowledge and wisdom that ultimately leads back to our higher God-selves. Bobby Hemmitt blends them all into one and offers an insightful analysis of current events that is just awesome to witness. Basically, he speaks on some heavy shit and he uses slang that the Hip Hop generation understands. Like I already said before it’s pretty amazing to witness. God has all this power but you know your faith is like a trap door. If your trap door is closed, if you don’t have faith then god can’t work.

It’s the same concept when he says, when obeying god on both polarities has deep potential. Where god is all potential, man is the perfecting agent. And what seemingly exist in god unfolds and manifest in man. We have to become scientist ourselves.

We don’t need no more followers. We don’t need no more groups. That’s what the Nation of Islam says we need scientists. So therefore if you’re a scientist that takes it out of the hands and says Bobby Hemitt says! You see what I’m getting at?

What books does Bobby Hemmitt reccomend? PS:does it make any difference as to my age? DO YOU EVEN GIVE A DAMN ! Little is known about one of the most powerful mystics of the modern era. The Presence of God-in-me blesses the Presence of God-in-you, beloved child of God. SCIENCTISTS NOW TALKING ABOUT DNA STRANDS MUTATING!

DISCLAIMER: This article is mostly about some little kid named alfie with 3 strands of DNA they claim. We know who is REALLY changing. Does Intermittent Fasting Work Without Calorie Counting? Is there an app which can automatically count how many calories you’re eating without having to log the food?

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