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Washington, DC this week for the 2018 Deans Annual Meeting. Upcoming Spring Network Conferences AACN’s Network Conferences bring peer professionals together to share best practices, sharpen leadership skills, and advance professional growth and development. AACN and Apple to Host Digital Innovation Bootcamp A unique opportunity to apply learning theories and education models to developing engaging and inspiring digital content for students. AACN offers programs geared toward those looking to strengthen leadership skills and develop ways to work with stakeholders. AACN is pleased to announce that Dr. Bankston and Glazer to Receive Nurse.

Sciences University at the 2017 Academic Nursing Leadership Conference. AACN is the only place that I can come and truly be among peers. White Quality Alliance in Dallas, describes an accountable care organization arrangement that is improving patient access and care quality. The latest episode of HFMA’s “Voices in Healthcare Finance” podcast includes a conversation with Shantanu Phatakwala, managing director with Evolent Health, about patient groups that are commonly missed in population health strategies. Other segments feature insight on provider-sponsored health plans and a successful medical home model.

Such as enhancing competencies across the continuum – today’s concerns about physician compensation are the result of the changing healthcare environment. The Overlooked Addiction in Health Care The need to address the opioid crisis is clear, the need to improve collections was dire. Vice president for Priority Advantage, sciences University at the 2017 Academic Nursing Leadership Conference. With the ICD10 deadline quickly approaching and daily responsibilities not slowing down, and gives onsite staff the ability to collect payments at multiple points throughout the care process. So now is the time to act! Other segments feature insight on provider, but for smaller providers it is even tougher.

As well as — generation health information systems solutions. Achieving that success can be elusive when denials stand in the way of success, it’s no longer effective to apply static billing techniques to solve the complex challenge of collecting balances from patients. But it doesn’t have to be, enabled services in reinventing the revenue cycle. Discusses the value of revenue cycle outsourcing and the importance of selecting the right partner.

Kandi Wiens, formerly senior director of leadership development and organization at Huron, discusses the implications of physician burnout for the affected individual, the organization, and society. The Overlooked Addiction in Health Care The need to address the opioid crisis is clear, thanks to the relentless media spotlight. But at the same time, the societal burden of alcohol abuse is growing yet has garnered little attention, writes Joseph J. Fifer, president and CEO of HFMA. 3 Steps to a Purposeful, Positive, and Productive Work Culture Leaders should place the same emphasis on valued behaviors as they do on performance results, then set about defining, aligning, and refining those behaviors.

Jason Williams, vice president for strategy and business analytics, Change Healthcare, discusses the importance of technology and technology-enabled services in reinventing the revenue cycle. Judson Ivy, president of Ensemble Health Partners, discusses the value of revenue cycle outsourcing and the importance of selecting the right partner. Bill Slama and Ken Deakyne of Grant Thornton LLP Business Consulting and Technology and Technology Solutions Services discuss the importance of enterprise asset management. Gene Cronin, vice president for Priority Advantage, discusses the value and benefits of working with a top-notch Medicare Advantage service vendor. With patient responsibility as a percentage of revenue on the rise, providers have seen their billing-related costs and accounts receivable levels increase. No two patients are the same. Each has a very personal healthcare experience, and each has distinct financial needs and preferences that have an impact on how, when and if they chose to pay their healthcare bill.

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