Please forward this error screen to 104. The Music Museum of Paris has a terrific collection of photographs and other information online, but no list to the body electric robert becker pdf through so you need to know what you’re looking for in order to use their search engine. Leipzig seems to be trying to post an online catalog of all the instruments in their collection, and they’re well worth a look-see. Have a pesky buzz you can’t identify?

Instructions for building your own piezo-electric pickup. The Physics of Electric Guitar Pickups. The theory and use of pickups. MIMForum star electronics wizard Vlad Ardelean has posted a page of guitar related schematics and electronic circuits. PDF and GIF formats, you’ll need the Adobe Acrobat Reader for some files.

Becker was known for his work in bioelectricity and leading the early opposition to high-voltage power lines. Becker was born May 31, 1923 in River Edge, New Jersey to Otto Julius Becker and Elizabeth Blanck. On September 14, 1946, Becker married Lillian Janet Moller in New Canaan, Connecticut. Becker has been credited with furthering the awareness of the scientific community to the study of electric potentials in organisms. In 1964, Becker received the William S. Middleton Award from the research and development agency of the United States Veterans Health Administration. In the years prior to his death, Becker lived in Lowville, New York.

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