Thank you for the 10x rule pdf free download to Six Minutes. You’ve just been asked to give a project update to your colleagues at next week’s lunch-hour seminar.

How many slides will you use? How much text can you put on them? How long should you speak — the whole hour, or less? Guy Kawasaki, a famous author and venture capitalist, has the answers and they may surprise you. 10 slides are the optimal number to use for a presentation.

20 minutes is the longest amount of time you should speak. 30 point font is the smallest font size you should use on your slides. If you stop reading now and follow this advice religiously, I wouldn’t complain too much. Most people probably have 20, or 30, or 100 slides for a 1-hour presentation. Trimming this number down to 10 forces you to evaluate the necessity of each and every slide. Just like every element of your presentation, if the slide isn’t necessary, it should be cut. It also encourages a presenter to design wisely.

Often a single well-designed diagram eliminates the need for 5 bullet-point slides. Just like the constraint on the number of slides, a constraint on your speaking time will force you to edit mercilessly. Trim the stories which aren’t essential to conveying your message. When you are able to trim all the extras, you can communicate with precision and concision.

17 minutes to share his dream. What makes you think you need more? 30-point font should be readable by everyone in your audience. Bigger is probably better, but this is a sensible lower threshold to adopt. While a 30-point font still allows you to put too many words on a slide, at least your audience will be able to read them. Here’s a few reasons why you should consider them guidelines, but not rules.

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