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Welcome to the TxDOT Intelligent Transportation Systems website. To go to a specific area, please click one of the links below. This is a test of the University’s urgent communication system. In the event of an actual urgent situation, the campus community would be able to get more information here as well as on the University’s official Facebook page at facebook.

The regular UT Dallas home page will return momentarily. Questions or comments about this page? Welcome to the UT Dallas Office of the Registrar The Registrar is responsible for registering students and maintenance of your academic record, ie. The scalable Texas map on this page shows the state’s major roads and highways as well as its counties and cities, including Austin, the capital city, and Houston, the most populous city. The scrolling or panning method you use will depend on your device and browser capabilities. The following Map Legend and Scale of Miles apply to the road map on this page, at its largest displayed scale.

I-10 traverses south-central Texas from east to west, while I-40 crosses northern Texas from east to west. I-30 runs from Dallas northeast to the Arkansas border, near Texarkana. Texas and federal case and statutory citations are linked to the Casemaker database online. Building Blocks of Wills, Estates and Probate. Featuring a basic discussion of estate tax planning, with a focus on various state law issues, Wills Road Map also addresses principles that can affect the will beyond the language of the will itself. Other subjects include doctrines affecting the validity of the will and a review of the legal significance and effect of numerous specific wills provisions. The new third edition of Wills Road Map reflects legislative changes from the regular session of the Eighty-fifth Legislature, as well as case law changes.

Other updates include a new discussion about digital assets and revised sample wills. The Wills Road Map: Practical Considerations in Will Drafting Digital Download is included with purchase and may also be purchased separately. The digital download contains the entire book as a hyperlinked and word-searchable PDF file. All tables of contents, cross-references, and indexes are linked to substantive text within the file.

On September 1, 2014, the size of the Ranger force was 150 commissioned members. These Rangers are supervised by an Assistant Director, Deputy Assistant Director, a Headquarters Major, three Headquarters Captains, six field Majors and fifteen field Lieutenants. The force is organized into six companies, “A” through “F”. A Major, Lieutenant, and from two to four Rangers are located at each of the six Company Headquarters. As of September 1, 2014, the Texas Ranger Division has an authorized strength of 150 Rangers for the entire state. Note: links to files require Adobe Reader or another PDF viewer. 2000-2017 Texas Department of Public Safety.

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