There is a little bit of confusion on the web regarding the parental drivers education affidavit. In some sources, the affidavit is labeled DL-90A, in others – DL-90B. Texas dl 90a pdf of these labels are correct as the parental driver education affidavit is actually a generic name for two forms – Classroom Instruction-Driver Education Affidavit – DL-90A and Behind the Wheel-Driver Education Affidavit – DL-90B. Parent Taught Drivers Ed In Texas Both the DL-90A and DL-90B are part of the paperwork required for Texas teenagers to be able to go through the Texas parent taught drivers education course.

One of the main conditions of the parent taught drivers education classes in Texas is prior pre-approval of the instructing parent by the DPS. Classroom Instruction Driver Education Affidavit – DL-90A The classroom instruction drivers education affidavit is the paper that grants the parent legal right to provide drivers education lessons to their child. Behind The Wheel Drivers Education Affidavit – DL-90B The behind the wheel drivers education affidavit is the paper that grants the parent legal right to conduct in-car driving lessons to their child. Behind the wheel lessons can be provided according to the instructions from the DPS package or according to one of the commercial drivers ed courses. DL-90A and DL-90B Replacement At the moment, you cannot download DL-90A or DL-90B. If the form was misplaced, you should contact the DPS for a replacement.

DO NOT DOWNLOAD PDF FILES WITH DL-90A or DL-90B off the Internet, see below why you should never do that! DPS does not allow for that form to be publicly released and driving schools will never go against this rule. The forms you may have downloaded online are hopelessly outdated. The current version of the form was revised in September of 2013 and it will have a Rev. 13 stamp on it, while most the forms you can find online are from 1999.

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