Also to ensure testing and commissioning of electrical equipments books pdf protection, metering system for correct directionality. VT primary is connected to line. Restoration of all isolation links and connections.

Restoration of remote alarm and indication links. CB trip test at test position from protection relay by shoring contacts to ensure protection trip. Visual check at power transformer for power cable termination, cable box cover, oil level and cooler fan setting. Visual check for insulation medium level SF6 if applicable. No admission for unauthorised personnel in the concern vicinity.

A study of switching programme or the sequence to be executed. All the panel covers are closed. All safety action taken, like keeping fire extinguisher and first aid items. No abnormality in the system after energization. Voltage measurement shall be done for all points and found normal.

Phase sequence check for correct rotation. Phasing check before paralleling two circuits by either hot stick or VT secondary side. If the circuit is loaded, CT secondary current of all cores and phases shall be measured with angle with respect to any one of the phase voltages. This test has been explained later. Stability test shall be done for differential protection. If applicable, on load test for automatic voltage controller shall be done for transformer. Check for correct readings on indicating meters.

Live test for auto-changer over scheme, auto-reclosing scheme shall be done. Phasing checks:Before making two live feeders parallel, the phasing must be checked though the source is same. This could be done in two methods. One method is hot phasings, most reliable method, since the check is done on the primary. Another method is phasing between VT secondaries, and a caution be taken for this method, that there is no mistake on secondary wiring.

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