How to Build a Super Top Secret Bunker Under Your House. Introduction: How to Table tennis tips and techniques pdf a Super Top Secret Bunker Under Your House. EDIT: 07082012  Finally gonna finish it up in next few weeks. If you’re OCD you know exactly what I am speaking about.

Maybe it was all the Underground cabins we built as kids to have a cool place to hide out in the summer. Truthfully though I just love to build things and when I designed the house I made the bottom level only half the size of the main floor and the other half is a crawlspace about 4 foot high. Most of my plumbing and stuff runs around the floor joists down there so I wanted enough room to have access to everything but I didn’t want to build an eight foot wall, It took me 7 weeks to do the block for the garage workshop and storage room so saving 4 feet of wall seemed like a good idea. Looking back if I really intended to do this and had the wife’s permission I could have saved a lot of bother by doing this first and I wouldn’t have to worry about the house falling on my if I dug out too much from below it. I didn’t leave any vents to the outside mostly cause of wanting to be energy efficient and not have a cold room under one above I was trying to heat in winter. I did talk to the building inspector about this and convinced him I could put a gable vent fan on a timer at each end one blowing in and the other blowing out to ensure a good change of air so it never mildews.

I intentionally made it to push air into my workshop and draw replacement air under the house at the far end of the garage. When I laid out the supports to the crawlspace I left a wider gap between two of the columns supporting a beam since the crawlspace is 20 foot wide and I didn’t want to pay to special order 20 foot 2 by 12’s and I just happened to have gotten a deal on a couple 40 foot beams delivered by accident to my house and unloaded before we discovered they loaded the wrong ones and were two thin to support the bottom garage ceiling. I also filled the back of the bottom garage wall wide enough for a ten foot door and didn’t put any rebar in that section. All the rest of the bottom level block has rebar in ever other hole and is filled to the top with concrete instead of just every 4 feet as code calls for. When I started thinking seriously about starting this I knew I had to do a few simple tests first that would cost me a bundle if I had to hire an Engineer and do them even before I applied for a permit. They’d want to know the different types of soils, how thick each seam was and most importantly I wanted to know how far down the water table is.

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