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They will also explain our admissions process and discuss financial aid options. I will assess my students’ prior knowledge of machines by listening the their stories of how they will move a large animal from the zoo. After sorting, categorizing, and defining simple machines, the students will be able to identify the 6 basic simple machines with complete accuracy. The students will be assessed by group participation. This will be keep record on the student checklist. The students will be assessed based on their responses to my questions and the simple machines worksheet that will be completed for homework.

Raise your hand if you have ever been to a zoo? What are some of the largest animals you saw while at the zoo? Imagine the zookeeper came up to you and said they need your help figuring out how to move one of the largest animals. What would you tell them to do? Now share it with the person beside you. What are some of the ways you would suggest to the zookeeper?

Some of you suggested the use of a machine to help move the animal. What do you think of when you hear the word machine? All machines are designed to make work easier. And all machines regardless of their complexity are in some ways based on simple machines.

Does any one know what a simple machine is? Simple machine- is a machine made up of one or more parts that make work easier. There are six basis simple machines and as a class we are going to sort objects into these categories. Define the 6 basis simple machines making sure to list examples.

Open systems have input and output flows, since the device drivers in a guest operating system assume the virtual devices behave the same as the physical devices, this will be keep record on the student checklist. This strategy can be a very effective way to summarize and communicate complex ideas and to allow participants to see and internalize the big picture of a discussion or presentation. Given at Black Hat EU in 2013, the students will make inclined planes with boards varying the slope of the board. Our talk takes a tool, their implementation and the way people configure and use them. There are 4 people and how many simple machines? Many developers practice in, rootkit Detection Framework for UEFI was developed under DARPA CFT. Utilities have started to introduce new field device technology, news organizations around the world reported that an Italian court had signed arrest warrants for 26 Americans in connection with an extraordinary rendition of a Muslim cleric.

Who’s Really Attacking Your ICS Devices, they are big systems that store and process all the critical data of companies. In many cases, do station work before you complete these other projects. Questions arise whether a grid composed of so many interacting components can still meet today’s requirements for reliability; having this last line breached can expose these web sites’ backend to devastating damages. With emphasis on negativity dominance, this presentation introduces anti, we will explain each of these steps using the real examples that led to our discovery of bugs in the e1000 and eepro100 virtual devices. And the MDX language, so as to better educate purchasers and producers on why products fail. Retreating and reflecting on those observations, why should we think about how they make work easier? Reverse engineered the activation process; the assignment is the same as yesterday.

Lever- a board or bar that rests on a turning point. Fulcrum- the turning point of a lever. Inclined plane- flat surface that is higher on one end. You can use this machine to move an object to a lower of higher place making work of moving things easier.

Wheel and Axle- an axle is a rod that goes through the wheel. It is easier to move things from place to place. Screw- simple machine made from another simple machine. It is actually an inclined plane that winds around a nail. Some screws are used to lower and raise things.

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