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Please forward this error screen to 216. The key word in Ecclesiastes is vanity, the futile emptiness of trying to make sense out of life apart from God. G Campbell Morgan – Ecclesiastes is an inspired confession of failure and pessimism, when God is excluded, when man lives under the sun, and forgets the larger part, which is always over the sun, the eternal and abiding things. If you want to know what a man of great privilege, and of great learning and great wisdom can come to, read this record of a man who has put God out of count in his actual life. J Sidlow Baxter – The book of Ecclesiastes is a sermon. There is the announcement of a theme, a brief -introduction, a developing of the theme, and a practical application in conclusion.

The theme is: What is the chief good? The standpoint is that of natural reason. We are meant to see where the quest for the chief good leads us when conducted simply on the ground of natural experience, observation, and induction. Fairchild: Many in our day are looking for a purpose to exist. A purpose profound enough, big enough, consuming enough, that it grabs us by the shirt collar and demands our attention. Many are looking for a reason for living that will plumb the depths of our passions and sustain us until we breathe our last. That’s why this book of Ecclesiastes is such a helpful pre-evangelism tool to use with our unsaved friends.

Ray Stedman – Ecclesiastes is a collection of what man is able to discern under the sun, i. The book does not take into consideration revelation that comes from beyond man’s powers of observation and reason. It is an inspired, an accurate book. It guarantees that what it reports is what people actually believe. Ecc as well as the full name. This may take some practice but is guaranteed to yield some “gems”!

Note: The sermons are an older genre and the illustrations are of variable quality. Note: Bridges is the author of the excellent Commentary on Proverbs and is definitely worth consulting. Spurgeon: After the manner of other works by this devout author, who is always worth consulting, though he gives us nothing very new. Verse by verse comments which offer some useful insights. Comments are lucid, generally literal and generally verse by verse. Note: Comments on most verses, but they are very brief, sometimes little more than a few cross references or a synonym for the word being studied.

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