Hydraulic fracturing began as an experiment in 1947, and the first commercially successful application followed in 1950. Hydraulic fracturing is highly controversial in many countries. Its proponents advocate the economic benefits strata management act 2013 malaysia pdf more extensively accessible hydrocarbons.

Fracturing rocks at great depth frequently becomes suppressed by pressure due to the weight of the overlying rock strata and the cementation of the formation. Most mineral vein systems are a result of repeated natural fracturing during periods of relatively high pore fluid pressure. Minor intrusions in the upper part of the crust, such as dikes, propagate in the form of fluid-filled cracks. In such cases, the fluid is magma. In sedimentary rocks with a significant water content, fluid at fracture tip will be steam.

Fracturing as a method to stimulate shallow, hard rock oil wells dates back to the 1860s. Dynamite or nitroglycerin detonations were used to increase oil and natural gas production from petroleum bearing formations. On 25 April 1865, US Civil War veteran Col. Roberts received a patent for an “exploding torpedo”.

Mitchell are each considered to have pioneered fracking innovations toward practical applications. The relationship between well performance and treatment pressures was studied by Floyd Farris of Stanolind Oil and Gas Corporation. In contrast with large-scale hydraulic fracturing used in low-permeability formations, small hydraulic fracturing treatments are commonly used in high-permeability formations to remedy “skin damage”, a low-permeability zone that sometimes forms at the rock-borehole interface. In such cases the fracturing may extend only a few feet from the borehole.

In the Soviet Union, the first hydraulic proppant fracturing was carried out in 1952. Other countries in Europe and Northern Africa subsequently employed hydraulic fracturing techniques including Norway, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Austria, France, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Tunisia, and Algeria. Pan American Petroleum in Stephens County, Oklahoma, USA in 1968. United Kingdom in the North Sea. Horizontal oil or gas wells were unusual until the late 1980s.

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