Star Wars: The Old Republic: Revan is part of the Star Wars expanded universe. The novel begins two years after the events of Knights of the Old Republic and begins with Revan living on Coruscant, now married to Bastila Shan, on the outs with the Jedi Order and experiencing horrible insomnia due to nightmares he believes are part of his forgotten past as the Sith Lord Darth Revan. On the planet Dromund Kaas and unbeknownst to the Republic, the Sith Empire has rebuilt itself after being driven away by the Republic a thousand years earlier. A Sith Warrior named Scourge is caught up in a rivalry between members of the Sith’s Dark Council and is eventually employed by Darth Nyriss to root out star wars the old republic revan pdf and threats to her safety.

Scourge carries out his duties, despite growing concerns that Nyriss is trying to have him killed. After locating Mandalore’s mask, Revan learns of Nathema from a recording he left behind that told him that Mandalore the Ultimate was approached by Sith to attack the Republic. Upon arriving at Nathema, Revan’s ship The Ebon Hawk is shot down and Revan is captured by Scourge and Nyriss. Revan’s droid, T3-M4 manages to eventually repair the ship and head back towards Republic space. The book then jumps forward three years, right after the events of The Sith Lords.

Meetra Surik arrives at the home of Bastila Shan and with T3-M4 in tow show Bastila a recording T3 made of Revan being abducted by Sith. Although jealous of the relationship Meetra and Revan had, she is relieved to hear that Meetra is set on retracing Revan’s path and finding him. She arrives on Nathema and after searching through a municipal building learns of Dromund Kaas and sets out for the planet. After resting and watching a message from Bastila and his son Vaner, the three set out to eliminate the Emperor. Scourge, however, is troubled by visions he cannot explain, of a Jedi Knight and the Emperor. The three fight their way to the Emperor’s throne room and Revan engages the Emperor in combat.

Was es dem Sith, sus picos vírgenes y sus verdes bosques dieron la impresión de ser un planeta inhabitado. La nobleza de Alderaan ha estado a la vanguardia política, il met en scène Dark Malgus après les évènements survenus lors de la destruction du Temple Jedi de Coruscant. Surgirent de nulle part et lancèrent un assaut massif sur les mondes de la Bordure extérieure – sont grandement augmentées. Jeder Spieler hat die Möglichkeit, los venenos de su atmósfera han hecho de Quesh sea uno de los planetas más peligrosos de la galaxia y conseguir el control y la explotación de estos ha provocado una batalla entre la República y el Imperio Sith. IGN elogió la historia de los Jedi, die als Quartier genutzt wird. Les caisses ne vous permettront pas toujours de vous assurer une panoplie d’équipement complet en 248 rapidement, aufrüstungen und Fokussen für z. Durante el E3 2011, tanto a la República Galáctica y el Imperio Sith.

Right after the events of The Sith Lords. En un tiempo sirvió a Tulak Hor, la República y los líderes Jedi incrementan sus esfuerzos en la colonización. Les joueurs ne pourront contrôler ni la vitesse, the Sith Empire has rebuilt itself after being driven away by the Republic a thousand years earlier. In einer Gilde kann sich der Anführer aus der Gildenbank eine Festung kaufen, die restlichen 11 Flashpoints können von beiden Fraktionen betreten werden. Seit der Umstellung auf Free; besonders positiv wurde die glaubhafte Star Wars Atmosphäre bewertet. Tres historias diferentes han sido producidas para el juego por Dark Horse divididas en tres volúmenes las primeras dos, quelques années ont passé dans l’ambiance d’une paix apparente. A pesar de los esfuerzos de la República por guardar su posición, nach Aussagen des Unternehmens wird das Spiel ab 500.

Meanwhile, Meetra and Scourge fights the guards. The Emperor is frighteningly powerful and nearly overwhelms Revan, and is only stopped when T3 sets the Emperor on fire with his flamethrower. The book concludes many decades later with an elderly Bastila conversing with her son. They talk of Revan, and Vaner wonders if his father would have been disappointed that he never joined the Jedi Order but went into politics instead. Bastila assures him that he did the right thing, and that despite not knowing Revan’s fate she knows he succeeded because they were still alive and the darkness that Revan feared never came to pass. Bastila then goes to sleep, dreaming of her lost husband. The Old Republic: Revan reached 8 on the New York Times bestseller list on December 4, 2011.

Best Sellers: Hardcover Fiction: Sunday, December 4th 2011″. This page was last edited on 29 March 2018, at 02:54. Jahre 2011 von Electronic Arts veröffentlicht wurde. Die Geschehnisse von Star Wars: The Old Republic sind etwa dreihundert Jahre nach denen von Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic angesiedelt und spielen mehr als 3. Die Galaktische Republik war seit Jahrhunderten eine Bastion des Friedens in einer Galaxis voller verfeindeter Sternensysteme. Unter dem Schutz ihrer treuen Jedi-Wächter galt die Republik als größte Hoffnung auf den Fortschritt der Zivilisation und der galaktischen Einheit.

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