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ACRS certification scheme for construction steels. ACRS is supported and endorsed by member companies ranging across engineering, inspection, manufacture, government, and importantly, customer bodies. ACRS was formed by industry in 2000, using an internationally recognised model for steel certification established in UK 30 years ago. NZS Standards are required to be accompanied by documentation that attests to the compliance of those materials to the stated materials Standard. Test certificates have been used to represent materials other than those from which the original test samples were taken.

NZ Standards limit variation in materials properties from the expected figures. NZS Standards, some materials are required to display unique markings which identify the mill of manufacture. NZS Standard to enable proper identification to be made. How does ACRS Certification benefit the construction industry?

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Quite simply, ACRS certification reduces the risk of buying and using steel which does not meet minimum requirements, and enables feedback and corrective action in case problems arise. Removes the need for customers and certifiers to check every supplier test certificate. Our goal is simply to ensure that construction steels are quality-approved materials, meeting Australian and New Zealand Standards, and thereby maintaining confidence in infrastructure and building construction. For further information, please see ACRS Marks of conformity.

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