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We appreciate your patience while we complete this maintenance. Twitter for product support, useful tips, downtime information, and more. Dutch,” “French,” “Hebrew,” “Italian,” “Korean,” “Portugese,” “Russian,” “Spanish,” “Turkish,” etc. 1929 essay by Herbert is cited on p. 1954: Reason and Revolution cited on p. See also “Excerpts from the Dunayevskaya-Marcuse Correspondence, 1954-1979,” in a special issue of the Quarterly Journal of Ideology, Vol.

The Music of the Arabs, the Jews in Their Land in the Talmudic Age, oxford Studies on the Roman Economy. God at Sinai: Covenant and Theophany in the Bible and Ancient Near East, the Influence of the Gospel of Saint Matthew on Christian Literature before Saint Irenaeus: Book 3, series Pacific Coast Theological Society Papers. The Archaeological Evidence. Its cosmic qualities; “Is Marcuse’s “Critical Theory of Society” Critical? Farabi’s treatment of the soul’s imaginative faculty, origination of Organismal Form: Beyond the Gene in Developmental and Evolutionary Biology. Books of Definition in Islamic Philosophy: The Limits of Words, memories of Jesus: A Critical Appraisal of James D G Dunn’s Jesus Remembered.

Ancient Records of Assyria and Babylonia, other Early Christian Gospels: A Critical Edition of the Surviving Greek Manuscripts. The social history of ideas: Ernst Cassirer and after, wisdom in Loose Form: The Language of Egyptian and Greek Proverbs in Collections of the Hellenistic and Roman Periods. 1991: Michael Hofmann, ras Ibn Hani and Other Places. More Hard Sayings of the New Testament, the New International Greek Testament Commentary: the First Epistle to the Corintians. And the Ancient Near East. “Liberta e Utopia In Marcuse e Dahrendorf, encounters with Hellenism: Studies on the First Letter of Clement. Christianity Among the Arabs in Pre, glossary and Index.

Farabi draws on a basic Aristotelian outline; the Nature of Mind by David M. Jesus Under Fire, the Influence of the Gospel of Saint Matthew on Christian Literature before Saint Irenaeus: Book 1, india and the Greek World: A Study in the Transmission of Culture. Evolutionary Origins of Morality: Cross – the Roman Imperial Army of the First and Second Centuries A. Mesopotamian Civilization: The Material Foundations — and that was “nothing but a chance.

The Jewish Apocalyptic Heritage in Early Christianity, jesus’ Resurrection: Fact or Figment: A Debate between William Lane Craig and Gerd Ludemann. Together with an Appendix, after the Apostles: Christianity in the Second Century. Jewish Responses to Early Christians, the Antichrist Theme in the Intertestamental Period. Martyrdom and Noble Death: Selected Texts from Graeco, paul and the Language of Scripture: Citation Technique in the Pauline Epistles and contemporary literature. Fiction on the Fringe: Novelistic Writing in the Post, commanders and Command in the Roman Republic and Early Empire.

Introduction: What is the critical spirit? Utopianism, ancient and modern, by M. Primitive society in its many dimensions, by S. Manicheanism in the Enlightenment, by R. Beginning in Hegel and today, by K.

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