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Contact Us We will help you find the right solutions for your business. Your request has been received and will take effect shortly. You can find a Welcome email and the latest newsletter from us . Google Chrome and Mozila Firefox browsers. The weather forecast indicates that warm weather can be expected for Calgary this weekend. The warm weather combined with the large amount of snow received in recent weeks will likely result in significant snow melt and this could create challenges for all of us.

If you are moving or piling snow, check furnace and exhaust vents to make sure snow and ice are not blocking them. Carbon monoxide can build up within your home as a result. Once the snow begins to melt and the storm drain is visible, clear snow away from the storm drain. Once the melt begins, you can clear away snow from the storm drain. If you find that the storm drain is iced over, do not try to remove the ice yourself. Call 311 and a crew will clear the ice for you.

Don’t chip away at ice on storm drains as you may damage it or injure yourself. If water pools by the storm drain, give it 90 minutes to drain. The City of Calgary has special devices in the storm drains that allow the water to drain slowly and not overload the stormwater system. Check the function of your sump pump. If you can’t find your storm drain, use our interactive map to locate it. Each non-profit organization demonstrated strong track records as affordable housing providers in Calgary by meeting a specific set of criteria including demonstrated experience in multi-residential development and operating, managing or selling non-market housing. SEED Funding program, marking a meaningful collaboration between the two levels of government.

Development Services business unit was instrumental in the success of this land transaction process, having released The City-owned land at below-market value to support non-profit housing providers in the development of more affordable units. This initiative is expected to yield up to 165 new affordable homes, helping to provide safe and stable housing to more Calgarians. Say goodbye to winter with The City’s spring and summer Recreation programs, open for registration on February 26, online, in person and over the phone. Not sure what programs are available? The guide contains hundreds of recreational opportunities to get you and your family more active, more often. Brad Herman, recreation program specialist with The City of Calgary. Create or login to your account on calgary.

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