In 2007, the Altea Freetrack, with 4WD and higher suspension, was released. On 21 August 2015, SEAT announced that the Altea and Altea XL had been discontinued. Although no direct replacement for the Altea is planned, SEAT is following the global shift from MPVs to SUVs, by launching its own SUV model based on the SEAT León. Seat leon service manual pdf 2016, the Ateca was launched, which was the successor to the Altea according to CEO Luca de Meo: “For us, the Ateca is the replacement of the Altea.

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SEAT sold a total of 439 Altea models in the United Kingdom during 2014, and 445 Altea XLs. Návod na obsluhu Seat Altea r. Odemknutí dveří ,vždy pouze u řidiče,,a mlhovky? Zdravim neměl by někdo páté dveře na alteu krátkou Zdravim neměl by někdo páté dveře na alteu krátkou tmavě modré ?

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