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You’d want to create a shortcut to the ‘nyfedit. Windows Desktop or the task bar, so you have the convenience of double-clicking the shortcut icon to launch it. To build up a database, you’d need to create a new . In order to create a new database, please select the menu item, the ‘Create new database’ dialog box pops up, whereby you can determine the target . The new database is automatically open when created. Now you can insert some new info items in the outline tree view by selecting the or menu items.

Each info item accepts a RTF text as default note. Each info item accepts a collection of files as attachments. To insert file shortcuts, please select the menu item. Base implements a label tree which accepts unlimited hierarchical labels in the tree structure. Clicking the Tab on the left hand side, you can add labels and sub labels by selecting the or menu items. Base accepts entries of bookmarks as well, and has a separate view for listing all bookmarks user-defined.

Double-clicking a bookmark entry, it triggers the target info item and jump to the position bookmarked within the RTF text. To bookmark the current caret position in the RTF editor, please select the menu item, and specify a name for the bookmark entry being defined. Each info item can have a list of related info items, which will be listed out for reference when the item opens. Double-clicking on a related item will jump and open it up.

To have an item linked with another one, please select the menu item, the window appears whereby you can select a target item to make an item link. The item links can also be inserted into RTF notes as hyperlinks, so one can click on the hyperlinks to open the target items. Or, copy the target info item and paste in the RTF note, the item link is inserted. Symbolic links are a special kind of info items which can be inserted into the outline tree.

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