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They are not suitable for multi-application installations. A Shared Group cannot be down-sized to an individual group. It can also be set up, by installing further modules, in a multi-application deployment where each machine serves a specific function. If using an individual group, the group file itself can be local or on a network drive. Decisions on where to place the database and files is largely one of available machines. The more you can spread the load the better. In the following scenarios, only one seat of each application is shown.

Multiple seats would be deployed in the same way. Where the typical deployment scenario cannot be implemented, the subsequent headings are alternative scenarios in order of recommendation. Model Generation – Requires SOLIDWORKS to be installed on the same machine. To balance the loading of the Autopilot machine these functions can be split over several machines. In this instance separate licenses of Autopilot are required. All new data generated by Autopilot is located here. It is recommended that the implementation be done locally to start with, and then transferred to the hosted environment when ready to be used.

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