Headquartered in Miami, Florida and led by a volunteer organization of officers and directors, AWS serves over 73,000 members worldwide and is composed of 22 Districts with 250 Sections and student chapters. The organization is perhaps best known for its code and certification procedures, which provide industry standards for the welding and joining of metals, plastics and other materials. The rwma resistance welding manual pdf of the American Welding Society stretch back to World War I, when the sudden demands of swiftly producing military equipment brought about the need for standardization of the manufacturing industry. An evolving metal joining process, welding, suddenly became very necessary to enhance the war effort.

Welding performed well in the war effort and its success motivated Adams in 1919 to bring together industry leaders for the purpose of merging the Welding Committee of the Emergency Fleet Corp. National Welding Council into a new organization, the purpose of which was to provide dependable and objective information on the developing technology of welding. On March 28, 1919, the American Welding Society was born for that purpose, with Adams serving as its first President. By 1922, the American Welding Society had held its first Annual Meeting. Attendees were told of the formation of Sections in eight cities, and also of the establishment of the Journal of the American Welding Society. However, the first meeting also called into discussion the growing financial issues surrounding the depression and proposed solutions to alleviate it.

This sculpture sits in the lobby of the American Welding Society headquarters. The American Welding Society’s first headquarters were located in New York City, inside the Engineering Societies Building. For 42 years the organization held all their business in this building, before finally making the move to the United Engineering Center, which was also in New York City. In August 2012 the American Welding Society moved from their longtime headquarters just outside Coral Gables, FL to their current location in Doral, FL. During the grand opening of the new building, AWS President William Rice said “Our newly renovated five-story building in Doral offers us exactly what we need. The lobby of the headquarters features a bronze sculpture created by sculptor Gregory Johnson and donated to the American Welding Society by President Rice and his wife Cherry. The first and only issue of the Journal of the American Welding Society.

The publication currently known as the Welding Journal was originally born in October 1919 with a different name. The Journal of the American Welding Society was its original title – and it had just one issue under this name. In the first publication, American Welding Society President Comfort A. Adams wrote, “The American Bureau of Welding is the authoritative body to establish the facts. Operating costs were too high for the Journal, and it was not until 1922 that the publication was reborn under its current name thanks to advertising earnings.

The Society explained the advertising move in their first issue of the newly named Welding Journal. Advertising is also included in this issue, as it was impossible to continue monthly publication without increased revenue. Since the move to advertising, the Welding Journal has been published continually and continues to be an resource for issues and advancements concerning all types of materials joining, metal fabrication, and construction. The Society now also publishes the Welding Journal en Español – a free quarterly publication containing tailored articles written by and for Mexican and Latin American professionals. The Welding Journal en Español has a circulation of 10,000 printed copies and 40,000 digital copies. Along with this publication, the Welding Journal em Português is a magazine distributed in Brazil to coincide with the Brazil Welding Show that takes place every two years in São Paulo, Brazil.

1976, AWS has certified over 100,000 welding inspectors alone, plus thousands more working professionals across the other certification categories. Certification is accomplished through testing and evaluation of corresponding procedures. Welders are required to take a qualification test at an AWS Accredited Testing Facility. Welders must mail their qualification test record to AWS with a completed AWS Welder Application in order to have an AWS certification issued. SCWIs who wish to enhance their educational background. Below are the available endorsement certifications that AWS offers.

ASME Pressure Vessel Section VIII, Div. The ATF program establishes minimum requirements for test facilities, their personnel and equipment to qualify for accreditation to test and qualify welders. This program is open to all qualified test facilities that may be a part of an independent laboratory, manufacturing plant, educational institution, or other entity. The ATF program requires that a facility implements a quality assurance program that meets the requirements established in the AWS QC4-89, Standard for the Accreditation of Testing Facilities. The requirements include that the facility has a Quality Manual that controls the activities related to the testing of welders in the facility according to AWS QC7, Standard for AWS Certified Welders. The American Welding Society explains the benefits of the ATF program on their website by writing “Entrusting welder certification to ATF specialists makes good business sense for contractors and fabricators.

Companies are increasingly realizing the shortcomings of self-qualification and switching to AWS Accredited Test Facilities to test and qualify their welders. ATFs help them to save money, improve productivity, and reduce liability by entrusting their welder certification to the experts. American Welding Society certifications are not only available to individuals. The American Welding Society describes the program as being “designed to recognize those select companies who prove they have the resources, procedures, and personnel to apply a quality management system to the welding fabrication activities. American Welding Society have established a reciprocity agreement whereby AISC Certified Fabricators are also eligible to receive certification as an AWS Certified Welding Fabricator. The AISC certification program criteria fully satisfy the AWS Welding Fabricator Certification program requirements. As of April 2015, the American Welding Society had approximately 73,000 members around the world.

AWS publishes codes on multiple aspects of welding and materials joining. Different welding methodologies, inspection methods, and metals are published under different codes. A very influential AWS code is AWS D1. 1, which covers all general requirements for structural welding.

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