Page 3 AVIS Cet appareil numérique de la classe A respecte toutes les exigences du Règlement sur le matériel brouilleur du Canada. ROLAND DG CORPORATION 1-6-4 Shinmiyakoda, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka-ken, JAPAN 431-2103 MODEL NAME : See the MODEL given on the rating plate. Page roland vp 540 service manual pdf: Table Of Contents Contents To Ensure Safe Use 6 Pour utiliser en toute sécurité . 13 Important Notes on Handling and Use .

21 Chapter 1 Introduction 23 1-1 Introduction . Page 5: Table Of Contents Contents Chapter 4 Feature Reference . 67 4-1 Pausing or Canceling Output . 68 Canceling Output Before It Finishes .

68 4-2 Setting the Location for Starting Output . 69 Setting the Output-start Location . 69 4-3 Saving the Printer Settings to Match the Media . 70 Saving Optimized Media Settings As Preset Values .

Page 6: Table Of Contents 6-3 About the Blade 131 6-4 Locations of the Power Rating and Serial Number Labels . 133 Company names and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. Page 7: To Ensure Safe Use To Ensure Safe Use Improper handling or operation of this machine may result in injury or damage to property. Points which must be observed to prevent such injury or damage are described as follows.

About WARNING and CAUTION Notices Used for instructions intended to alert the user to the risk of death or severe WARNING injury should the unit be used improperly. Page 8 To Ensure Safe Use Incorrect operation may cause injury. WARNING CAUTION Be sure to follow the operation proce- Exercise caution to avoid being pinched dures described in this documentation. Never allow anyone unfamiliar with the Inadvertent contact with certain areas may cause usage or handling of the machine to touch the hand or fingers to be pinched or become caught. Page 9 Never use out of doors or in any location electrical shock, or injury.

Page 87: Changing The Menu Language And The Units Of Measurement 4, 4 Replacing Consumable Parts Replace the wipers. Carry out the following emer, even when you’re using identical blades. Printer Unit This machine is a precision device. 10 Making the Network Settings Setting the IP Address, keep open flame away from the Failing to perform ventilation may result in a work area. SOL Ensure adequate ventilation for the work MAX ink, or media jams. 1 Daily Care and Maintenance Attach the emptied bottle and reset the discharged, the meanings of these labels are as follows.

Page 20 Pour utiliser en toute sécurité Vignettes d’avertissement Des vignettes d’avertissement sont apposées pour qu’il soit facile de repérer les zones dangereuses. Page 4 To Ensure Safe Work About Notices. If the machine should begin to topple, the impact may rupture the internal pouch and cause the ink to leak. Page 16 Continuer à utiliser l’appareil peut causer un représentant Roland DG Corp.

Contact your autho- where exposure to water or high humid- rized Roland DG Corp. Doing so may result in fire or electrical shock. Page 10 To Ensure Safe Use Important notes about the power cord, plug, and electrical outlet Never place any object on top or subject to Never allow to get wet. Never bend or twist with undue force. Page 11 To Ensure Safe Use Ink, cleaning fluid, and discharged fluid are flammable and toxic. WARNING CAUTION If you’re using a model that uses ECO-SOL Ensure adequate ventilation for the work MAX ink, keep open flame away from the area. Keep open flame away from the Failing to perform ventilation may result in a work area.

WARNING WARNING Install the machine in a location that is Be sure to lock the stand’s casters. If the machine should begin to topple, a major of the machine. Page 13: Warning Labels To Ensure Safe Use Warning Labels Warning labels are affixed to make areas of danger immediately clear. The meanings of these labels are as follows. Be sure to heed their warnings. Also, never remove the labels or allow them to become obscured.

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