In physics, a rigid body is a solid body in which deformation is zero or so small it can be neglected. In quantum mechanics a rigid body is usually rigid body motion pdf of as a collection of point masses.

The position of a rigid body is the position of all the particles of which it is composed. To simplify the description of this position, we exploit the property that the body is rigid, namely that all its particles maintain the same distance relative to each other. Thus, the position of a rigid body has two components: linear and angular, respectively. In general, when a rigid body moves, both its position and orientation vary with time. In the kinematic sense, these changes are referred to as translation and rotation, respectively. The linear velocity of a rigid body is a vector quantity, equal to the time rate of change of its linear position.

Thus, it is the velocity of a reference point fixed to the body. In this case, rigid bodies and reference frames are indistinguishable and completely interchangeable. The result is independent of the selection of O so long as O is fixed in N. B in the reference frame N. Q is the point fixed in B that is instantaneously coincident with R at the instant of interest.

This relation is often combined with the relation for the Velocity of two points fixed on a rigid body. Q is the point fixed in B that instantaneously coincident with R at the instant of interest. This equation is often combined with Acceleration of two points fixed on a rigid body. At any time it is equal to the total mass of the rigid body times the translational velocity. The angular momentum with respect to the center of mass is the same as without translation: at any time it is equal to the inertia tensor times the angular velocity. Possible motions in the absence of external forces are translation with constant velocity, steady rotation about a fixed principal axis, and also torque-free precession. The total kinetic energy is simply the sum of translational and rotational energy.

A rigid body is called chiral if its mirror image is different in that sense, i. A sheet with a through and through image is achiral. In mathematics, however, linear has a different meaning. 2-7 Two Points Fixed on a Rigid Body”. 2-8 One Point Moving on a Rigid Body”. This reference effectively combines screw theory with rigid body dynamics for robotic applications. The author also chooses to use spatial accelerations extensively in place of material accelerations as they simplify the equations and allow for compact notation.

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