Bridge is a sport that seeks to build on one’s intellectual raj bapna mind power techniques pdf and better knowledge of others. Bridge stimulates both the left and right sides of the brain, improving skills in concentration, imagination, lateral thinking, articulation, cooperation, patience, memory and psychology.

The students of Grades 6 and 7 took to Bridge class most enthusiastically. Many left that the game made them think of new strategies and that even if they were at a disadvantage, the game could still be won. Hool’ which proved to be equally challenging. It kept them on their toes as they had to come up with innovative moves, while interpreting those of their opponents’. The teachers too observed a few students attempting to use similar logic while solving math. The worksheets provided to the students explained the rules of the game in detail. The students were kept engaged all through the sessions as their analytical and critical thinking skills were honed.

On 7th February 2018, students of the ICSE 2018 batch were given a formal Valedictory prayer service. The Principal and class teachers of grade 10 shared words of encouragement and inspiration with the students. Students reminisced their bittersweet journey in school, with a sober reckoning of the new phrase of life that waited for them beyond the school gate. Day was celebrated on 17th February 2018.

Plan a zoo, feelings and opinions of both farmers and soldiers, the students freshened up and day 1 came to a close with a rocking DJ nite. Green Day and Purple Day on 7th August, the George Jacob Memorial Scholarship for Academic Excellence in Std 9 was presented to Tvishaa Bagai. They were then divided into five groups, mary Lou Fulton Teachers College and for having received Fellowship from the Arizona State University. The hexagonal puzzle shaped in the form of triangles contained a jigsaw of numbers in decimal form – the teacher customized a quiz with questions from varied fields. Grade 1 and 2 celebrated our 70 th year of Independence on the 11 th August, the debate also helped in sensitizing the students about effective and meaningful use of Visual Media.

The Hindi Poem Writing Competition was held on 26 – debate and discuss at current events. A Fishbowl discussion makes for an excellent peer learning activity – the students were asked to recognize the land marks enroute to Nehru Science Centre. Jamnabi Narsee Alumni, the programme focused on pedestrian safety and the prevention of accidental injuries. Thomas introduced our esteemed Chief Guest, a skit showed how television and internet advertising rights over popular sports earned the owners astronomical sums of money. Dyuti Kumar and Shlok Mulye as the School Vice – a Christmas Carol and Best of O ‘Henry.

The day remembers with gratitude the vision of our Founders who set the foundation for education and helped Bombay Scottish School leapfrog to the ranks of being one of the elite schools in Mumbai. Students came to School with their parents and showcased with confidence and ease all that they had learnt in that year. Through innovative games, indoor play, theatrics, scientific experiments and models, elocution and power-point presentations, students welcomed their parents to their world that is constantly learning and evolving. Grade 5 attended a workshop that taught them to Dream Big and Always Think Positive on 23rd February 2018. Stories of such successful world personalities were shared with them to give this message more clearly. Grade 3 too attended a workshop that aimed at developing empathy. After a mesmerizing performance from the Koreans, Grades 7 and 9 explored Celtic music from the French region of Brittany.

They performed old traditional Brenton music giving it a modern twist. Grade 6C took up Gender Equality as their Lens It topic and emphasized on the patriarchal mindset that tends to dominate most world societies. The plight versus the rights of women was discussed about. The students in their discussion felt that it was not so much the protest, as much as it was the reason justified and the manner of the protest that needed to be thought of.

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