Generalized Linear Models: logistic regression, Poisson r introduction tutorial pdf, etc. What can we do with it? Scilab or Matlab more appropriate. SAS and they had to resort to home-made programs.

You should really consider Linux instead of Windows. I am not familiar with MacOS, but you should not have any problem. I used to use Mandriva but became dissatisfied with it. 1 -np -nc -x -k -E -U Mozilla -p -R zip www. Since I read it, this document became a book.

Here is the official introduction to R — it is garanteed to be up to date. For reserved words or non-alphanumeric commands, use quotes. The HTML files should rather be called index. 2078 images — this was R 1. Windows: it is not a menu-driven interface.

You might still need a text editor, though. Tinn-R, an R-aware simple text editor. Rmetrics, and GEAR, for introductory econometrics. An other user-friendly interface to R. Yet another GUI, in Java. Add a “regression line” to that scatter plot.

The R software is free and runs on all common operating systems. Windows and Mac OS X can be started by double-clicking their icons. Both of them work the same way and in both directions. Has the same effect, but uses the assignment function instead of the assignment operator.

Command to execute an R script, here ‘my_script’. Starts empty GUI spreadsheet editor for manual data entry. Finds all functions containing a given term. R and all loaded packages.

Shows all libraries available on a system. Opens vignette of a package. Writes code chunks of vignette to a file named mypackage. Lists which packages are currently loaded. RData’ when exiting R and the workspace is saved. Removes all objects without warning! Displays object types and structure of an R object.

Lists object type info on all objects in a session. If a session contains very long list objects then one can simplify the output with this command. Lists object type info on all functions in a session. Generic summary info for all kinds of objects. Returns an object’s attribute list. Causes the garbage collection to take place.

Prints the value of the last evaluated expression. Reads content of current working directory. Changes current working directory to the specified directory. R run as ‘quietly’ as possible. R to compute results for them. Syntax for running R programs in BATCH mode from the command-line. Rout’ is appended to outfile.

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