Questions about watermarks: generally you may find similar types in the Watermark reference books, check List of main watermark reference books. Please refer to the question and it’s date. But I wonder if anyone has come across this questions and answers on international trade pdf example. Who’s got an answer to this question?

The Cambridge manuscript can be fairly reliably dated 1604 AD, so now we have the complete watermark and a rang of possible date early in the 17th Century. Arms of Burgundy and Austria, with the Golden Fleece, similar to Heawood 481 Schieland 1602. Illustrated in their collection catalogue Dutch Drawings in the Pierpont Morgan Library. Seventeenth to Nineteenth Centuries, New York 2006, vol 2, end section. Judging from the photographs these are resp. I hope this may help you in your further research. Who’s got additional answers to this question?

It is shown toward the bottom of the page. Can anyone help identify this watermark? Examples have been found in New Mexico from 1840 to 1860. I cannot trace my source for this. Do you happen to know anything about the way paper was protected on its voyages to the east?

3 question: watermark in an 18th-c. 1 question on your website regarding his maps in Chile. I have a 18th Century drawing with I think has the same indicators. The artist of my drawing may well have bought his paper with him from France to Rome.

But I think it was sold all over Europe. Thanking a lot for anything You may provide, I send You my best regards. VDL monogram on papers according to Voorn. The readings we have made about the datation of papers by the means of watermarks point out that indeed, it is quite uncertain, and could be risky to base on. Do the paper specialists have an estimate for the maximum period between the production of a paper and its use? If we can’t use the watermark to date precisely a document, however it seems to us this might be used as a “terminus ante quem” for a no dated document. The VDL stands for Van der Ley, a papermaking producer from the Zaanstreek, located above Amsterdam in the northern part of Holland.

Your hyperlink does not work, by the way. Hopefully, others will send more info. I’m working on a bequest of prints made by the Austrian artist Hugo Henneberg who died in 1918 and was best known for his photographs. Three sorts of papers were used as seen in the transmitted light photos. Who’s got the answer to this question?

I have been working on a condition report of a 16th century watercolor album and found some leaves have clear watermarks. I am sending you the images of them. Unfortunately I am not an expert on identifying watermarks so I would like to get your advice on the subject. I don’t know where the sheets were made but hope that the watermarks will provide some information about it. Would it be possible for your to advise me on this subject? If not could you please let me know whom I need to contact?

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