Enter the terms you wish to search for. Proven option spread trading strategies pdf Absorption is the ability of liquids and solids to soak up water or other fluids, including unwanted gases, in natural gas processing. Access Access is a system under which market players are allowed to use capacity in a pipeline, network, gas store or other gas facility.

Access is central to the implementation of gas market liberalisation and contrasts, therefore, with the traditional model where the owners of transportation systems, stores etc own all the gas flowing through their equipment and act as exclusive merchants for it. Acid Gas Acid Gas is Natural Gas containing a proportion of gases such as Carbon Dioxide or Hydrogen Sulphide which, when combined with moisture, form acidic compounds. Advance Make Good Alternative name for Carry Forward. Seller must deliver and the Buyer must take in a given contract year. It may be expressed as a discreet number or as a multiple of the Daily Contract Quantity.

In practice this will often take the form of a detailed schedule covering the first few months, with looser numbers for the remainder of the year which are then firmed up at times laid down in the contract. Aquifer An Aquifer is a body of porous rock saturated with water. Gas fields are usually underlain by an aquifer which often provides pressure known as Water Drive to assist gas production. Underground storage of gas can be achieved by pumping gas down into aquifers below impermeable cap rocks thus effectively making a gas reservoir. Arbitrage Arbitrage is buying and selling the same product in two different locations or markets to take advantage of differences in price. Associated Gas Associated Gas is gas which coexists with oil in a predominantly oil field.

It may be Cap Gas or Solution Gas, the behaviour and treatment of which are different. Autogeneration Autogeneration is the generation of electricity by an industrial concern primarily to meet the needs of its own operations See also Combined Heat and Power. Backhauling Backhauling is the transportation of gas apparently in the reverse direction to the main flow of the pipeline. This is usually achieved by swap arrangements rather than by physical movements. Pipelines: A balancing agreement for a pipeline is an agreement between a pipeline owner and other users of the pipeline on the procedures to be adopted to ensure that gas volumes input to and removed from the pipeline are equal over a given period of time. Pipelines commonly require daily balancing, but some require balancing over shorter periods, down to an hour, especially where there is a heavy power generation load on the pipeline.

Others may allow longer periods e. Reserves: A balancing agreement for reserves is an agreement between the owners of a gas field who are marketing their shares of the gas independently of each other. Since each buyer may have a different demand pattern, the owners agree between themselves that they will not withdraw reserves at a rate which will cause imbalance in the ownership of the remaining reserves to exceed certain agreed tolerances. Base Gas Base Gas is an alternative name for Cushion Gas. Beach Price Beach price is a term, mainly used in the UK, to define the price at which offshore gas is transferred by the producer at the exit from the onshore treatment plant, at which point ownership is transferred before onward transmission or use. Blast Furnace Gas Gas produced as a by product from the use of coke in traditional blast furnaces.

Manufactured Gas in the days before natural gas. Often defined in terms of latitude and longitude, but may also be defined by reference to a local grid system, for example in the Gulf of Mexico. Reservoir by letting the reservoir pressure fall as gas is produced over time without re-injecting any gas. With this method of production some Condensate may condense within the reservoir, where its recovery is no longer a practical proposition. Boil off is a term used in LNG projects.

However well insulated LNG storage tanks may be, the LNG is always at its boiling point, and small quantities will continue to boil off. In liquefaction plants a small volume of boil off gas is required to ensure that the plant flare is operational. Booster Station An alternative name for a Compressor Station. Border Price The price at which gas is sold at the border between two countries. Frequently used, especially in Europe, as a point of reference in gas contracts. Bottled Gas   LPG, usually Butane or Propane stored in the liquid state at moderate pressure in steel containers for use in small residential and commercial applications. Bundled The provision of various services, such as transportation, storage etc.

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