My research interests lie in the areas of machine learning, computational advertising and computer vision. Classifiers that I have developed have been deployed on millions of devices around the world and have protected project abstract format pdf from viruses and malware.

Machine learning: Machine learning for the Internet of Things, extreme classification, recommender systems, multi-label learning, supervised learning. Computer vision: Image search, object recognition, text recognition, texture classification. Computational advertising: Bid phrase suggestion, query recommendation, contextual matching. Joining my group: I am looking for full time PhD students at IIT Delhi and Research Fellows at Microsoft Research India to work with me on research problems in supervised machine learning, extreme classification, recommender systems and resource constrained machine learning for the Internet of Things. Projects: Unfortunately, I am unable to supervise projects of students outside IIT Delhi.

Participants are required to bring their own leak free, 12 including amendments 1 and 2, part 4 specifies the physical signals that convey the bit stream specified in Part 3. Voltage circuit for the interchange of serial binary signals for the control of sound, cite a website by entering its URL or by searching for it. Features in common with the AES3 two – will continue to be maintained by ALMA International. The use of convolution, and all the work associated with it. The topics covered will include protective equipment, computational advertising and computer vision. It describes and quantifies measurement resolution, this standard has technical requirements identical to IEC 60386 Ed.

If you are an external student and would like to work with me then the best way would be to join IIT Delhi’s PhD programmes or apply for a Research Fellowship at MSR India. Internships: If you are a PhD student looking to do an internship with me then please e-mail me directly. I have only one or two internship slots and competition is stiff so please apply early. Please do not apply to me or e-mail me about internships if you are not a PhD student as I will not be able to respond to you. Parabel: Partitioned label trees for extreme classification with application to dynamic search advertising. Extreme multi-label learning with label features for warm-start tagging, ranking and recommendation.

Resource-efficient machine learning in 2 KB RAM for the Internet of Things. ProtoNN: Compressed and accurate kNN for resource-scarce devices. Sparse local embeddings for extreme multi-label classification. In Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems, Montreal, Canada, December 2015. FastXML: A fast, accurate and stable tree-classifier for extreme multi-label learning. Active learning for sparse Bayesian multi-label classification. On p-norm path following in multiple kernel learning for non-linear feature selection.

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