There are lots of great sources of information available online, but nothing really beats the depth of knowledge that you can find in programming ruby the pragmatic programmer’s guide pdf book. It is possible to get the best of both worlds though, as many books are now available online in full, and free of charge! Below is a selection of 25 of the best free computer science books that I’ve found online, with a brief description of each one.

Where the book is also available in printed form I’ve included a link to Amazon, using my affiliate link. If you’d like to buy one of the books but would rather not help towards the cost of running this blog then you can search for the books directly on the Amazon site. Become An X coder A guide to MacOSX development with Cocoa using Objective-C. The book contains lots of examples and detailed screenshots.

The Cathedral and the Bazaar Eric Raymond’s brilliant book about Open Source software, and its impact on software development projects. Dive Into Accessibility Another Mark Pilgrim guide, on creating accessible websites. Dive Into Greasemonkey Greasemonkey is a Firefox extension that allows you to write scripts that alter the web pages you visit. Mark Pilgrim presents lots of example code and case studies in this book. Getting Real The influential book from 37 Signals which describes a smaller, faster, and better way to build web based software. Getting Started with awk Awk is the perfect tool for many system admin tasks. This book contains loads of great examples, and will turn you into an awk master in no time!

Git Magic A complete guide to the popular distributed version control software Git, from Linus Torvolds. GPU Gems NVidia’s book on GPU graphics programming covers topics such as lighting, shadows, modelling materials, and performance issues. How to Design Programs An introduction to computer programming and designing programs with the Scheme programming language. The Qt way”, with an emphasis on design patterns, and re-use of open source libraries and tools. By the end of the book, the reader should have a deep understanding of both the language and libraries, as well the design patterns used in developing software with them. Learn You a Haskell for Great Good! A funny title, but a serious book about the purely functional programming language Haskell.

Linux Device Drivers An O’Reilly guide on how Linux device drivers work, and developing your own. Linux Network Administrator’s Guide An O’Reilly guide to to network administration on Linux, covering topics such as configuration, firewalls, and DNS. Broken up into three parts: Foundations, Programming in Logic, and Alternative Logic Programming Schemes. This books covers both the theory and practice of logic programming with Prolog in detail.

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