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Subscribe to our Newsletter Get the latest tips, news, and developments. Please forward this error screen to 204. See the Mad Beast in action! Steering and suspension a little loose. I can remember as a boy loving to watch the monster trucks.

These days I enjoy watching off road buggies, jeeps, samurais, and hybrids maneuvering through terrain that seems impossible to drive through. First glance The Mad Beast was well packaged and includes the truck, radio, truck manual, and radio manual. When I first opened the Mad Beast’s packaging, I was impressed with the over all look of the vehicle. The body looks like the cab of a tractor trailer truck with an awesome tribal flame paint scheme. Wheels, tires and drive train The wheel and tire combo look mean! The tread pattern is directional with what looks to be claws on the tires. The chrome covered plastic rims have a clean finish and look sharp.

Radio There are two different RTR versions of the Mad Beast. One version does not include the reverse module and the other version does. Engine and clutch The anger behind the Beast comes from a . 28 Level engine with rear exhaust and pull start. The slide valve carburetor has a dual stage air filter A dual stage air filter keeps debris out of the engine.

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