The series, set in 2008, depicts three Israeli soldiers who were captured 17 years previously while on a secret mission with their unit in Lebanon. The story begins with the soldiers’ return home after years of negotiations for prisoners of the amazon pdf freedom.

Nimrod Klein and Uri Zach return alive, along with the remains of Amiel Ben-Horin. The series explores the reintegration of Nimrod and Uri into a society which has made them national icons, and into an interrupted family life, while working through the trauma of having been held captive and tortured. They must deal with partners who waited or moved on, children who have grown up without them, and parents who have died. They also have to undergo psychiatric evaluations and military debriefings. When a military psychiatrist finds discrepancies in their stories, an investigation is launched to discover what they are hiding.

After flashbacks to events at a school in Metula in 1990, and to the period shortly after Nimrod and Uri’s release, the second season rejoins the story a few days after the events at the end of the first season. It also depicts Amiel for the first time as a living character – rather than in the visions experienced by Amiel’s younger sister, Yael – and follows his new life as Yusuf, a Muslim, in Syria . Nimrod Klein, a prisoner of war, and a brave, witty and intelligent man. He has difficulty readjusting to life with his wife and two children.

Yael Abecassis as Talia Klein, Nimrod’s wife. She campaigned tirelessly for her husband’s release. Since his return, she has trouble relating to him, and she finds that her life no longer has a clear purpose. Dana, Nimrod’s rebellious daughter, who was two years old when her father was captured. Hatzav, Nimrod’s teenage son, who was born after his father was taken captive. Ishai Golan as Uri Zach, a shy and timid prisoner of war.

He is very close to Nimrod. During Uri’s captivity, his fiancée married his brother, and they had a son. Mili Avital as Nurit Halevi-Zach, Uri’s former fiancée. After mourning Uri’s capture and becoming convinced that he was dead, she eventually grew close to and married his brother Yaki. Yaakov “Yaki” Zach, Uri’s brother and Nurit’s husband. He is concerned about the effect Uri’s return might have on his marriage. Asaf, son of Yaki and Nurit.

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