It is not to be principles of christianity pdf with Arianism. Nazi Germany which mixed ideas of racial purity and Nazi ideology with elements of Christianity. Hitler identified himself as a Christian in an April 12, 1922 speech.

Hitler also identified himself as a Christian in Mein Kampf. The official Nazi ideologist Alfred Rosenberg played an important role in the development of “positive Christianity”, which he conceived in discord with both Rome and the Protestant church, whom he called “negative Christianity”. Adherents of Positive Christianity argued that traditional Christianity emphasized the passive rather than the active aspects of Christ’s life, stressing his miraculous birth, his suffering, his sacrifice on the cross and other-worldly redemption. Steigmann-Gall traces the origins of Positive Christianity to Higher Criticism of the nineteenth century, with its emphasis on the distinction between the historical Jesus, and the divine Jesus of theology. Various historians credit the origins of “Positive Christianity” more to the political acumen and opportunism of the Nazi leadership. Leading Nazis like Himmler, Rosenberg, Bormann, and Goebbels, backed by Hitler, were hostile to Christianity and ultimately planned to de-Christianize Germany.

Historian Derek Hastings has written about the Catholic roots in the nationalistic, and disaffected Catholic circles of Munich, of the explicit endorsement of ‘positive Christianity’ in the Nazi party Program. German people, provided the Churches did not intervene in State affairs. In private Hitler scorned Christianity to his friends, but when out campaigning for power in Germany, he publicly made statements in favour of the religion. Positive Christianity was highly supported by the Nazi movement, which promoted its ideals in its journals Der Stürmer and Völkischer Beobachter, both of which stressed the “Nordic” character of Jesus. As Reichsminister of Church Affairs, he described Hitler as the “herald of a new revelation” and said that “Positive Christianity” was not dependent on the Apostle’s Creed or belief in Christ as the son of God.

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Alfred Rosenberg, was “the Führer’s Delegate for the Entire Intellectual and Philosophical Education and Instruction for the National Socialist Party”. A proponent of “Positive Christianity”, he planned the “extermination of the foreign Christian faiths imported into Germany”, and for the Bible and Christian cross to be replaced with Mein Kampf and the swastika. 28 state churches under a single national church that was controlled by the German Christian faction. By 1934, the Confessing Church had declared itself the legitimate Protestant Church of Germany. Despite his closeness to Hitler, Müller had failed to unite Protestantism in a single Nazi-dominated Church. In 1935 the Nazis arrested 700 Confessing pastors. The Party stands on the basis of Positive Christianity, and positive Christianity is National Socialism National Socialism is the doing of God’s will God’s will reveals itself in German blood Dr Zoellner and Count Galen have tried to make clear to me that Christianity consists in faith in Christ as the son of God.

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