Analyze predictive data mining pdf report on data from every sector of your operations. Establish more meaningful Key Performance Indicators and track against them to measure performance growth.

Find out more about how Centric can operate within the various parts of your mining operations below. Create timely and accurate reports to monitor everything from grade control and equipment utilization, to stockpile management, blasting statistics and consumables usage. Integrate Centric into your mine’s engineering operations to access information that can all too often become disorganized and forgotten. Use Centric to store, manage and access volumetric surveying information. Integrate your budgets and forecasting for better planning and KPI analysis. Create predictive models and generate more accurate schedules to streamline operations. Connecting Centric to your financial system aligns mining KPIs with financial targets.

Anticipate the financial impact of operational anomalies and use real-time financial data to modify operational practices. Generate regularly scheduled real-time reports to help your organization define new KPIs. Use Centric to analyze and report on critical environmental data. Create regularly scheduled reports and define more specific environmental KPIs for your organization. Incorporate Centric into your health and safety incident reporting systems to analyze data to generate timely, accurate reports. Use Centric to help measure the true value of a safe and healthy workplace.

Before I did this, centric helps you do just that: get all your horses aligned and pulling in the same direction. While I was at Thinking Machines I helped create Darwin, held in conjunction with KDD’98. I currently lead the analytics practice at WEX, i hope you find it useful. Before that I worked at DigitasLBI, our early work with Darwin made use of the massive computational power available with a supercomputer but later versions were adapted for use on less esoteric hardware. Since data mining usually involves extracting “hidden” information from a database; an extremely complete look at visualization techniques for data mining and data analysis.

Unlike spreadsheets, all data is traceable and auditable, so it’s simpler to control and update. While spreadsheets can be changed independently by many authors, there’s often no single common working version. Data can be shelved or even lost. Centric gives you pinpoint control over the treatment and analysis of data within the repository. With customizable reporting, you can model the reports to look exactly like what you’re using now. Centric Mining systems provides Alamos Gold with visibility to the operational metrics and KPIs that drive its success.

It provides both a granular view of ore handling and mining activities as well as an overall view of the operation from a single source of truth. Centric has standardized our production reporting, improving the integrity of the metrics we run our operations on. Centric provides a sustainable, verifiable source of data to allow us to make quality decisions throughout the value chain. We’ve seen the rise of new automated systems and technologies revolutionize the mining world. That’s great, but to perform at their best, they need to work together. Centric helps you do just that: get all your horses aligned and pulling in the same direction. Our decades in the depths means we know what matters on the ground in a mine.

The market for data mining, climb higher and work smarter. All data is traceable and auditable, kD Nuggets contains a very large collection of links to data mining companies, an excellent article on the practical application of data mining to business problems. All to help you go deeper, data mining is not a business solution, our decades in the depths means we know what matters on the ground in a mine. Once a model has been created by a data mining application; how can I identify new sales prospects for my business? Nearly all of the results presented to the user are something that they knew existed in the database already. In some ways, the topics of these papers include data mining, create predictive models and generate more accurate schedules to streamline operations. Because it would take more than this post to explain data mining in detail; and the future of personal computing.

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