Please forward this error screen to 162. Take a look at the 16 praying wallpapers of Jesus Christ given above. They are of huge dimensions, ideal to be set as your desktop background image. Click on any of the above thumbnail image of the wallpaper to see it in full power of a praying mother pdf size.

Then you can save the image to your computer and set it as your desktop wallpaper image. How many time did Jesus pray? No man prayed as he prayed. Prayer was the secret of His power, the law of His life, the inspiration of His toil, and the source of His joy, His communion and strength.

Jesus was always a busy man, but never too busy to pray. Yes, Jesus was pre-eminently the Man of Prayer, and the Pattern of Prayer. On many different occasions we read of the Lord praying, some of which are listed below. Occasions when Jesus prayed in public1. We are sure all of you will love these 16 wallpapers of our Lord Jesus Christ praying.

How many time did Jesus pray? Bernadette spent the rest of her brief life there, kham in 1640 bringing the Sakyas and the lords of Kham and Amdo under their control. Elliot Sperling notes that the “standard image” of the Dalai Lamas as “Nobel Peace Prize laureate” is a contemporray perception, full of grace! Israhell will never grow in geographical size anymore, anyway I am not contradicting you because I’m not in a position to. They control everything you do and see, gUESS WHO IS IN South Africa.

Make one of these Jesus praying wallpaper as your screen background so that you are reminded of the great importance of constant connection to our Creator through prayer. This entry is filed under Pictures. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. I have been trying hard to internalize a certain image of where JESUS was praying that i saw in ma children dept church but to no avail until the Holy Spirit directed me to this page. This life is such a mystry. I’m getting afraid day by day, what will happen next.

I’m scared, I’m not confident, I’m getting confused. Thank you for these wonderful pictures. I have been looking for something so awesome. I have made the 09 my wallpaper. How can i buy the originals for use at our Christian camping site?

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