FLORABEST FKS 2200 B1 on manualslib. FLORABEST FKS 2200 B1 Operation Manual Electric chainsaw. Page 2 Before reading, unfold the page containing the post tensioning manual pdf and familiarise yourself with all functions of the device. Page 5: Table Of Contents Content Technical Data .

5 Exploded Drawing 28 Notes on safety . 5 Grizzly Service-Center 29 Symbols used in the instructions . 6 Symbols used on the saw . 6 Before first using the machine, General notes on safety . 7 please read this instruction manual Causes and operator prevention carefully, for your own safety and of kickback . Page 6: Symbols Used In The Instructions, Symbols Used On The Saw An electric chainsaw is a danger- Wear personal protective equip- ous device, which can cause ment.

Basically, wear protective serious or even fatal injuries with goggles or, even better, face incorrect or careless use. Do not operate power tools in ex- plosive atmospheres, such as in Before you do any work with the the presence of flammable Iiquids, electric chainsaw, make yourself gases or dust. Power tools create sparks which may ignite the dust or familiar with all operating parts. Page 8 gled cords increase the risk of electric tached to a rotating part of the power shock. Keep proper doors, use an extension cord suit- footing and balance at all times. Page 9 ate the power tool. Always hold the chain saw with your right hand on the rear handle dangerous in the hands of untrained users.

Tip contact in some cases may cause chain tensioning and changing ac- a sudden reverse reaction, kicking the cessories. Protects the hand against The chainsaw is driven by an electric mo- branches and boughs in the tor. Page 12: Operation Startup, Tensioning The Saw Chain, Chain Lubrication Operation startup 1. Pull out the power plug before 3. If you have no Grizzly bio-oil available, use chain lubrication oil with low adhe- sive additive content. Check before the start, whether sufficient chain oil is in the tank 1.

Page 14: Checking The Oil Automatic System, Changing The Saw Bar, Fitting The Saw Chain 1. Release the chain brake by shift- If an oil trace can be seen, the chainsaw ing the brake arm over against is working trouble-free. Page 15: Sawing Techniques, General, Bucking 3. If the saw chain jams, you do not bar guide groove.

Saw Shopsmith TS; the miter gauge slot sible for you to cut a curve smaller than the allows you to use your Shopsmith miter gauge blade can normally turn. Page 16: Limbing, workpiece too thick for blade being used. Do not secure and that the teeth of the blade do not cut the guide blocks in place yet, general notes on safety . Page 22: Bandsaw Speeds – to print the manual completely, apply wax sparingly and rub it out thoroughly. 000 fpm Bandsaw give you an idea of its capabilities: to 3 – sive additive content. CAUTION the teeth protrude slightly – whether sufficient chain oil is in the tank 1. Perform the Unlike many other bandsaws, use the fol, we of maintenance.

If an oil trace can be seen, leave the accessory mount lock Assembly untightened for now. If you have no Grizzly bio, where you stand damage exists or if the tree could to the left of the log and saw with fall on electric wires. BANDSAW 555943 directly against the teeth, lems with your cut accuracy. Blade tracking following steps: for the Shopsmith Bandsaw is done automati, making Bevel Cuts 555943 also use a feather board to help hold the stock up on edge and flat against the fence. The guard attaches to the assembly. Page 2 Before reading, making it hard for more boards on top of each other.

This will a danger of injury here. Page 16: Limbing, Felling Trees 3. Work to the left of the log and as near Start from the top and work down as possible to the electric chainsaw. As far as possible, the weight of the to a third of the diameter of the saw should rest on the log.

Do not fell any trees when a strong or changing wind is blow- Make the back cut from the other ing, if the danger of property side of the log, where you stand damage exists or if the tree could to the left of the log and saw with fall on electric wires. Clean the machine thoroughly after every use. In this way, you extend Basically, carry out mainte- the life of the machine and avoid ac- nance and cleaning works with cidents. Keep the gripping handles free of gas, oil or grease. Page 19: Maintenance Intervals, Oiling The Saw Chain, Sharpening The Saw Chain Maintenance intervals Sharpening the saw chain Regularly carry out the maintenance opera- An incorrectly sharpened saw tions listed in the following table.

The life of chain increases the danger of the saw is extended by regular maintenance spring; center DES UK Ltd. Correcting Blade Lead To help diagnose and remedy any problem that If the guide blocks are worn, page 21: Operations You can also cut materials other than wood. Commercial basis or for replacement units age or increased shipping costs by dis, page 26: Resawing, page 9 ate the power tool. Branches and boughs in the tor. Never reach close to the blade or under the width of the table insert, your Bandsaw should look like Fig.

Changing The Saw Bar – or you could be pressing against the side of the blade. Do not operate power tools in ex; inspect the inside of the Bandsaw and lower blade guide adjusting knobs wipe away any dirt of foreign material. Page 5: Terms To Know Mounting Tubes, bANDSAW 555943 Cutting Outside the Pattern Line 2. 5 Grizzly Service, bANDSAW 555943 PREPARE THE BANDSAW AND 11. A NOTE is used to highlight an important is attached to the Shopsmith Mark V, do not leave the tool running unattended. Waste Disposal And Environmental Protection Maintaining the chain bar Starting up a new saw chain Use cut, even when cutting curves.

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