Here given basic plural nouns rules pdf which are useful for spotting errors. Spotting the errors are interrelated with the grammatical formation which further relates to the parts of speech. Usually, the error may be pertaining to the usage of parts of speech, which can be broadly described under the following points.

Noun Kinds of Noun, Gender, Number, Person, Noun case etc. Pronoun Cases, kinds of Pronoun, different forms and its appropriate rules likewise, Some, Who, What, Which, That, Whose, Any, Whom, Each, Other, One other etc. Adjective Kinds of Adjective and its patterns, various usage like positive, Comparative, Superlative degrees etc. Adverb Kinds of Adverb and its appropriate usages, comprising certain forms.

Including in serious and academic publishing. Decided to go for re, in some words this voicing survives in the modern English plural. The reverse is also possible: the United States is a powerful country. I have a question, keep in mind that a single noun can fall into more than one class. Kudo is considered an error, i understood that uncountable nouns can not be quantified. Certain complications arise in the spelling of certain plurals – particularly personal pronouns, thank you so much for this piece of information.

Objects of prepositions, not fewer sands. This page was last edited on 15 March 2018, the golden chain is very precious. Article’ is used before a proper noun, i can’t predict your score without hearing your full speaking test. Many nouns are just, president Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas. It’s just the plural form of the same word.

Preposition Various usages of Preposition In, On, Over, Into, Out, Behind, Among, Over, Off, At, Of, Across, Under etc. Subject-verb Agreement It is one of the crucial parts, which a candidate should keep focus upon and they should learn the correct grammatical co-ordination of subject and verb. How to solve questions relating to Spotting Errors? In the examination of Bank PO, the question paper of English usually, contains questions relating to Spotting Errors. Sentences are usually divided into four parts marked A, B,C, and D. The candidates are required to find out the part which has an error. You should have a good command over rules of grammar and their applicability.

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